Nintendo Canada Rep Says New Super Luigi U More Difficult Than Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan has revealed in Best Buy Canada’s new magazine that New Super Luigi U is more difficult than the forthcoming Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This will come as a surprise to many, if it turns out to be true, as the Donkey Kong Country titles have always been notoriously challenging. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was originally meant to come out this December, but has been delayed until February.


    1. And with that I’m cancelling my preorder of DKTF. Shame I’ve been gaming since the NES but I have never played a single DK game except for the original and DK is the villain in that one and you play as Mario.

      1. Don’t count on this article. Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, by the very same developers (Retro Studios) that now work on Tropical Freeze, was absolutely superb. It was one of the best platformers I’ve ever played. Much more clever than the competing Mario game at the time, New Super Mario Bros Wii (not that I disliked that game).

  1. I swear to god if Nintendo got to Retro and made them make Donkey Kong more “accessible” I’m going to fucking lose it.

      1. Shut the fuck up about metroid already! You have 3 tres troi games of that bitch already. All made by retro! That bitch is unneeded for she does not sell systems fdumb ass!

    1. Seriously.. they should just make different difficulty settings. Chose Retro difficulty to unlock harder content like old games used to be and have a “easy” streamlined mode.

  2. Wow, the Atlanta Falcons have a quaterback named Matt Ryan…

    On topic, for those who want to understand better the story, click on the link provided on the post. I take that with a grain of salt, like Zeer0id did.

    Also, I think to compare DKCTF to NSLU is like to compare apples to oranges.

      1. DKC bosses are really way harder than the Mario bosses, which are mostly gone with mere 3 hits on the head… :S

  3. I usually ignore these things until i have the game. The only thing hard about luigi u was the time limit and luigi’s controls. Pretty sure they are going to add mirror mode again which was freakin hard in returns. Plus only a few levels have been shown and played. Lets face it were not ever going to get diddy kong quest difficultly again.

  4. New Super Luigi U was rather challenging, at least compared to the New Super Mario Bros. standard. But I definitely expected DKC Tropical Freeze to be more difficult. I hope they’re not making the game easier to be more accessible to newer gamers. I understand the logic there, but that’s what games like Kirby are for. What happens when we don’t have any genuinely challenging platformers any more without having to turn to Meat Boy and Cloudberry Kingdom?

  5. I highly doubt this. When the Retro guys showed up at the E3 demos they shared some stuff with us, only what they are allowed to say, but they did say that if we thought Returns was hard that this was going to be harder. So I dont really take this guy seriously,

  6. from what I’ve seen of luigi u. the majority of it is easy except for maybe a couple levels in the last world. wouldn’t worry about this too much.

  7. Too bad he didn’t bring up if Returns was easier or harder than Luigi U then it would be more interesting.

      1. Yeah you would know since you bought Luigi U and bitch about baby games. Did you buy Splinter or COD? Do you plan in buying X or Bayonetta 2.

      2. are you kidding im going to buy x, why the fuck would i buy cod. are you retarded?? also bought ninja gaiden 3 and MH3U, a few others. im not going to buy shit like zombie u. wii u sucks and most of its games suck. yes i will eventually get bayonetta too.

        also nintensheep, if you like challenging games and if absolutely nothing came out for wii u before august, why wouldnt you buy the game that nintendo said would be challenging again. it was not though, but it is a little bit better. its a struggle to beat 100% the game because its sooo boring.

    1. The difficulty should be determined be your level of gaming. You know how when you make a Miiverse, it asks you if you’re a beginner, intermediate of expert. the Wii U games’ difficulty should be scaled depending which option you put. if you’re a beginner, the game will be easy, but if you’re an expert, the game should be difficult.

      Yes, that would be really cool.

  8. Doubt it. DKR made me rage hard at some points. I’m pretty sure TF will be just as hard and if anything they’ll include an easy and hard mode like they did in the 3DS port.

  9. Following a recent pattern, Nintendo probably added a new feature to this game: if you lose 3 times in a row on the same level, they provide you with a golden barrel that takes you to the very end of the level without any effort. Wait, no. The end of the game.

  10. Seriously? I watched the boss battle against the giant seal and it was intense as fuck. I’m calling BS on this.

  11. SLU was really difficult for me. I didn’t enjoy Luigis handling. Mario was so much better to control. SM3DL won’t habe these terrible controls and i think DKCTF will have tight controls as well. So even if the levels are more complex the control scheme will make it easier.

  12. are you fucking kidding me!!!! holy shit, easier than liugi u?? that game isnt even hard, its normal diffuculty and only has some chalange in a few levels if you get all the star coins. am i surprised?? no because nintendo treats everyone like babies just because their fanboys havnt hit puberty yet.

    it looks like even dkc their only challenging game is now become diaper material. fuck nintendo, did they forget about all of their older games, that weren’t easy. did they forget that older people who played there games growing up it looks like sony and microsoft is the only places where they give a damn for people who dont drink off of momies breasts. “we are getting the core back with wii u” so you make the most baby friendly games and console yet, fuck off.

    1. “My last boyfriend was a feminist, vegan punk who broke up with me because he thought *I* was too angry.” – Eczema

      1. jeez , look its that nintengeek thats obsessed with me. you know your a loser when you obsessed with a guy over the internet. go play some nintendo ( your only life) and pretend to be accepted in society.

  13. Okay…well it is there fault for making DKCTF in the first place. Should have been Metroid, because I love Samus and want to play as a space bounty hunter again :(

    1. Fuck metroid. You’ve gotten 3 games of that bitch from Retro already. You don’t need another metroid until after 5 more years or so.

      1. Yeah your logic speaks loud and clear, because we didn’t JUST get two Donkey Kong games for Wii and 3DS a year ago…. They kinda need to lay off the Donkey Kong.

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