Nintendo Planning Press Event For End Of January?

Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid has told his fans on Twitter that he has been busy preparing a playable demo of Cult County for a press event which is supposed to take place at the end of the month. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that it’s holding a press event or a Nintendo Direct for the end of the month, but hopefully we will hear something soon.

We are finalizing a playable demo of our (new?) FPS on 3DS. It’s pretty stellar. Hoping it’ll be part of a press event at the end of Jan. :)

Nintendo Press Event? Interesting.

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, yes, definitely interesting! :)

Thanks, teenchampionsam

95 thoughts on “Nintendo Planning Press Event For End Of January?”

    1. Yup. Don’t know why they have been so silent about it. It looked really good in January last year so it’s going to look amazing this year.

      1. Perhaps they don’t want to give away too much, otherwise the excitement is just not there.

        I’d rather information be dished out bit by bit. Keeps the suspense going.

    1. First of all your almost nazi attitude agaisnt those who plays on microsoft systems is not funny anymore. I love n64, gamecube, GBA, DS, Dsi, 2Ds and wii (consoles that i bought and enjoy) but i also love the ORGINAL xbox and the xbox360 (especially the first one thanks to sega>Otogi, Panzer dragoon, outrun, Jet set radio. . .) and i dont fuckig get why you have to be such an asshole this are amazing news for nintendo and i am happy as fuck (i wanna pick the U soon) but i dont reas at the article anything about xbox so. . . Why do you bash them? Im sure you are the first one that critisice fanboyism when it comes agaisnt nintendo but you do the same agaisnt the others. Im tired of “gamers” because of people like you.

      1. Maybe people like you forgot what your precious Microsoft intended to do just a few months ago but I’ll never forget such a human violation program they were trying to execute and probably are still intending to do it…

        So you see when it comes to them, it’s not just about the games…

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          Also, to those replying to Nintendo commander about his/her sex life: It’s his/her own choice who to have or not have sex with and such comments have no reason to be brought up here. There’s no reason to look down on someone who chooses not to partake in such actions. Likewise commander, there is no reason for you to look down on those that do have sex. Now everyone: grow up, it’s a site about Nintendo, let’s at least keep the conversation related to video games.

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            1. I can already buy one but I’m not going to because I’m too busy to play anything to a satisfying level these days…

              But mark my words, I will buy it as soon as the summer holidays arrives…

              And then I’ll convert thousands of Xbots and Sonyans into our pure cause…

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    1. This needs to happen, and the price better not be to high. N64 games will be no more than 10 dollars and GameCube games to be about 15 dollars.

      1. 15 $ are fine for a GC game although it could even be cheaper but 10$ for a rom of N64 running on a wiiu? No thanks. . . Those games have all more than 13 years and they dont need to invest a load of money to release them on the wii u so 5$ would be profitable for them and a fair price.

  2. I don’t know. I have a feeling we’re not going to have the big Wii U bombshell direct like we got last year.

    1. The end of January would be fairly close to the release of DK Country: Tropical Freeze, so that would be the likely prime topic of the direct – if they’re going to have one at all.

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  4. What if they never said there was a press event that’s supposed to be held at the end of January? They only said “Hoping it’ll be part of a press event at the end of Jan. :)”.

    That could also simply mean that they hope there will be a press event at the end of January, and they hope that demo will be also part of that event. Note how they said “a press event”, and not “THE press event”.

  5. Isn’t there a direct at the end of every month? If so, we could be looking a press event. Hope it’s like the one from last year!

  6. Whatever it is, it will surely be an even bigger hit than Cranky Kong…

    Even our “worst” announcements triumphs the best of the rest…

  7. Expecting a Smash announcement, Yarn Yoshi, X, Hyrule Warriors, something brand new, and maybe some other things that Nintendo always throws in that no one really cares about.

  8. Gonna be the announcement that Shit U is canceled lol cause it can’t compete with Xbox One cause it’s a beast of a system lmaoooo!

    1. It is just one tribe’s statement and they are making their 3DS game, why should they know anything about what High Command will do?…

      And be assured, this year is the year of the Wii U…

  9. I can’t be the only one still hoping that we’ll get a Majora’s Mask remake, am I? A press event at the beginning of the year should give us all sorts of information about what’s come up.

    Also wondering what happened to Sonic Lost World-Zelda DLC. I LINK my WiiU to the e-shop, NAVIgate to the sweet MEDLI of the e-shop’s background music, but I find nothing more than overrated high-ruling games.

    1. I am not interested in a Majora’s Mask remake. I would rather have a Twilight Princess HD remake on Wii U. That’s the only other remake I will ever buy out of the Zelda universe.

      1. That would actually be pretty stellar, but it would be unlikely if Zelda U was a sequel or related to Twilight Princess.

  10. Does press event mean Nintendo Direct or something else? Either way, I think they’ll probably update us on some of the games we haven’t heard of in a while (Yarn Yoshi, SMT X FE, etc.), maybe reveal Zelda U. I think they’re saving the bigger surprises (stuff like Metroid) for E3.

  11. I was really hoping to hear more about this. I hope it’s even better than the Nintendo Direct we got last year. My hopes are that we receive confirmation that X (plus it’s final name), Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and Yoshi’s Yarn are going to be coming in 2014 plus releases dates. I’m hoping we get release dates for Bayonetta 2 with new trailer, Super Smash Bros. with a new trailer, and a Mario Kart 8 release date. I hope they announce a new IP (perhaps the new one Miyamoto is making) and a surprise exclusive title from third party developers akin to Bayonetta 2. Maybe even announcements that Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny, and the Division are coming to Wii U as well.

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