Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Is Native 720p And Upscaled To 1080p

GameXplain, who recently got the opportunity to test out a recent build of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, have now confirmed on Twitter that the game runs at native 720p and is upscaled to 1080p. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be hitting stores on February 21st. You can check out the latest gameplay, right here.

Also, we clarified with Nintendo that Tropical Freeze is native 720p (@ 60fps), upscaled to 1080p.

131 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Is Native 720p And Upscaled To 1080p”

  1. Wonder why they’re not taking advantage of the full 1080p, unless they are not sure how to use the hardware like Nintendo can right now.

    Only time is needed.

    1. They’ve had time. No third party’s gonna even try to push the Wii U’s limits until Nintendo releases a first party game that leads by example.

        1. Actually I take that back. It does run at 720p. Crickey I thought it was 1080. Cannot imagine what it would look like otherwise.

          1. i think 3d world may have been on a very tight schedule

            as we all know they were hard pressed to release compelling first party titles and 3d world was probably one of the titles meant to smooth that over in a short time frame and short time frames usually don’t allow for a lot of performance optimisations.. especially if you just want to make sure the game is as bug free as possible (and to be honest i prefer bug free over high resolution)

            the wii u has upcoming (confirmed) 1080p titles with good visuals so there’s no reason to believe the wii u can’t handle 1080p while retaining some decent visuals at the same time (and as stated by shin’en it’s fairly capable of doing so using the eDRAM as a frame buffer)

            1. More than capable. It only needs 16MB of eDRAM to deal with the 1080p buffering, but that’s probably half the horse power of the eDRAM being used there without the use of MAA.

              1. and that’s already using double buffering as one uncompressed 1080p image takes up roughly 8 MB (using 32bit true color with 1 empty byte for improved processing speed-> 4 bytes per pixel [RGB + empty byte] multiplied by 1920*1080 pixels) so even triple buffering should be no issue (i.e. variable framerates without screen tear)

                could even squeeze it down to roughly 6MB per picture when using 24bit true color but that may have a negative effect on processing performance since the CPU can handle 32bit word lengths better than 24bit

                1. Kehool, if you run for president, i will vote for you.

                  My 2 cents? … i think the game looks as bad as the weakest link in the chain … there’s a lot of things to consider besides the resolution, but 720p is satisfactory. If you manage the resources across a long checklist of quality, i think they utilize the power of the system for effects, motion blur, more shading and polygons etc … i think they’re more happy with a picture with no-jaggies.

          2. They use anti aliasing that’s why it looks good at 720p but a tad soft. Wind waker is native 1080p. Nintendo claimed the cherry power up is why they didn’t use 1080p native in 3d world

    2. It’s probably cause 720p is cheaper. It’s still HD and upresses, so Nintendo’s doing their ‘save money where they can’ thing. And especially with the Wii U’s current install base, they need to save money, cause breaking a million sales on the system, where it is now, is an accomplishment

      1. It’s actually way above just a million sales, they’re at like 5 million now I think? Still depressingly low, but I agree with you there, my good friend Ninty is playing it safe

    3. well i don’t think 1080p are really necessary for a side scroller
      maybe they simply preferred adding more detailed graphics/effects instead
      always have to weigh one against the other

      but then again they just might not have been willing to push the wii u’s boundaries with the game.. mayhaps they’ve got something else coming up that is occupying them and preventing them from really maxing out the game

  2. another propaganda article meant to spark bad press.IF THE GAME IS GOOD THEN SO FUCKING WHAT :) snes was so low res compared to today but u know what it rocked just the same with a library of extremely memorable games that stole a lot of childhoods :)

    1. yes it was, COMPARED TO TODAY, wii u is the current console, and it’s graphics are also too low quality for today’s standards, are you that retarded that you would compare a current console with a console that’s more then 20 years old

      1. yeah I suppose I can play call of doodie in 720p on all systems. o wait I forgot shooters suck. but damn its 90% of sony and microsux arsenal

  3. We need to hear about other games coming out. Enough about DKC already. I’m looking forward to it but it’s no wonder there are issues when people don’t hear about other games. All we hear now is DKC and SSB. Advertising will help but not when it’s about the same games over and over.

  4. Well im happy its on 60fps and anyway its HD even though its not FullHD, i barely even see difference myself so it doesnt bother.

  5. I am cool with this… resolution is not important, the game looks gorgeous and will run buttery smooth. That’s all I ask.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  6. Ok? I kinda don’t really care for this kinda game, what would really be the difference really? Its a donkey kong game and still looks amazing

          1. it’s not like that makes much of a difference

            any decent TV set will most likely use the same upscaling algorithms as the wii u i.e. quality would be pretty much the same even if the wii u didn’t upscale the picture
            (and the wii u upscales all games to 1080p not just some… if it didn’t then the input signal to your TV would change to 720p and then the TV would take over the upscaling, however the wii u always sends a 1080p signal)

            1. (I just thought it was some)

              Hey it still means that it upscales them and not all games does, CoD I think gets upscaled to 720 since its rendered in sub-HD

              1. to my knowledge they’re all upscaled to 1080p

                you’d notice if they weren’t because, as i already mentioned, the input signal would switch from 1080p to 720p and i never noticed that happening in any of the games i possess
                wouldn’t make that much sense either since the conversion load from sub HD to 720 and from sub HD to 1080p will be pretty much the same (the same algorithms will likely be applied)

                however i think the wii u mostly uses very basic interpolation algorithms in order not to actually degrade picture quality (that can happen too, especially when upscaling from 720p to 1080p) and those will make barely any difference to the picture quality.. in pikmin 3 for example the aliasing and the 720p resolution are pretty noticeable
                when comparing my wii games on wii and wii u i can also hardly see any difference

                mind you there are signal converters out there that do a fairly decent job at upscaling resolutions combining upscaling algorithms with edge detect AA post processing but these are very spendy and will in most cases increase input lag.. there’s no reason to believe that the wii u has such advanced upscaling hardware

                the only reason why mario 3d world could look better in 720p than it technically should would be the edge detect AA algorithm implemented into the game (is being handled by the GPU in this case and has nothing to do with the upscaling process itself) which will attempt to smooth the edges of objects prior to sending the picture to the scaler (the unit that handles upscaling)

                  1. sorry for going all technical

                    but yeah the jist is basically that the wii u upscaling doesn’t make much of a difference, it’s just not advanced enough for that

                    AA algorithms executed by the GPU however can and i certainly hope nintendo will make more use of those in the future (even when rendering native 1080p since edge detect AA can help a lot here too)

  7. Common nintendo get your shit together 720p … This game will have a last generation experiance With sub HD visuals. What a fucking joke

    1. didn’t edge say mario 3D was “The most next gen game that 2013 had produced” and that game was 720p. Who cares about 720-1080p most people can’t tell unless they look hard enough. Gamexplain couldn’t tell thats why they asked.

    2. 720p vs 1080p are only notisable when you have and extremely big screen
      also, FPS is hat matters on HD visuals
      general visual is indeed based on res, but the HD is on FPS

    1. By damage controlling, you mean no one actually cares that its 1080, I think you need to look up the definition of that phrase

            1. Why do you even come to this site? Is your life really so pointless that you feel the need to troll on video game sites like a fucking douchebag just to feel like you have something to do? You should walk off a cliff.

  8. Ugh, this is pitiful. And by that, I mean the comment section. We all know Nintendo has the money to make games on the Wii U run at 1080p and 60fps if they wanted. But the system has a puny install base and no momentum. Nintendo’s not gonna invest extra money into a product that won’t get them that many more sales, in the long run, and especially since it would cost them more in the short run. Nintendo’s always been one to watch their budget, so this is really no surprise. Should it be 1080p, yes. Could it be native 1080p, yeah, almost definitely, it’s a sidescroller, it isn’t that demanding. But Nintendo is cheap and cuts costs, that’s one of the reasons why they rarely run in the red (first loss was fiscal year ending march 2012). This is all just stupid run around the mill stuff at this point. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter, in the end

  9. I can see a difference between 720p and 1080p on smaller screens down to about the high 20 inches, but it isn’t worth the horsepower IMO. If you really want to see the dfference a good test is to watch the font in the end credits of a movie in 1080p and 720p. That’s a good test to see the crispness of 1080p vs the bleeding in 720p. When I’m playing games, I don’t care about the resolution nearly as much as the frame rate. Whatever it takes to keep it around 60 fps, that’s the key to a great game.

  10. HAHAHAHAH! The pathetic underpowered Wii U can’t do a simple side scrolling 2D game in 1080p. And this isn’t even a launch game, they have had over ONE YEAR to get this game running properly on their underpowered baby console. It’s just a pathetic out of the 90’s 2D side scrolling game! No surprise since Nintendo themselves couldn’t get their Mario 2D launch game to run at 1080p either. Look at the babies trying to damage control this one. The truth of the matter is that the Wii U is an underpowered excuse of a toy console running on 7 year old hardware. It is marginally better than last gens xbox360 and ps3 consoles.

    HAHAHAHAH. It so funny the damage control from the babies. Keep it coming!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Keep the retardness coming and there will be plenty of damage control, FYI Rayman Legends is a side-scroller and it runs at 1080p and 60FPS, let’s see you damage that.

    2. Yawn… trolls using the “Wii U is under powered” argument need to come up with better material. Look at the PS4 and Xbox One games… they are all 720p!!! LOL! Wii U is looking more powerful because more Wii U games are in 1080p hahaha!

      Microsoft and Sony suck.

    3. No game ever last gen ran native 1080p, and the Xbox only has 2 games that run native 1080p, all else is 720p upscaled, like this game, ps4 has more native 1080p games but frame rates are unstable, get your facts straight buddy and stop being a troll, it’s pathetic you have nothing better to do with your time.

  11. yeah and ps4 has done a whole 800p at 30 fps :) wow impressive numbers besides its not resolution that a game is reviewed upon by critics it works out to be gameplay and that feature will be locked and loaded :) some critics have already rated the demo as incredible saying the level design is amazing.

  12. when the steam machine is released I think it will benefit Nintendo most as long as they don’t cave and release their games on other platforms. then the ps4 and xbox one will be more obsolete I will own the steam machine and wii u what would be the point of a ps4 then it will be under powered compared to the steam machine and absolutely no 1st party games as its saving grace at least Nintendo does have that :)

  13. Sickr, you oughtah bill for baby-sitting pre-school dropouts like Pinwheel, Quall and Katamai. You’d make a fortune.

    1. Even though they are just expressing their opinions and the nintendrones get butthurt and cant handle the truth. Please stop living in denial, its clear nintendo are failing

  14. I don’t want this game at all. Nintendo really pissed me off this gen and last gen. All I play on this console is COD Ghosts. I will never buy another Nintendo console. I really really really hate all the Nintendo fans that support this bullshit no matter what. -Nintendo fan since 1985

    1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will not support Nintendo” said noone ever

      also, if you only play CoD, buy a Ps3 and leave this place, you are doing nothing here

      1. Sorry but Wii sucked and I didn’t even attempt to buy that piece of shit system. I am a huge fan of Smah bros. fan and still didn’t buy a Wii just to play that one game. I never played a Wii game before. Fuck Wii.

  15. Retro, your slipping. Ever since MP3 was finished you went into a nose dive all of a sudden. Sure you lost a few key devs and maybe that’s why. But Retro you better pick yourself up or just close down shop. (And no I am not talking just based off not getting DKC TF to 1080p. Which is odd seeing as they made a big deal about seeing DK’s fur move…

  16. i have a 50 inch tv and my PC is also in my main tv and i have played games at 720p and 1080 and only time i notice a difference is when the option tells me what resolution im at. other than that 30fps and 60fps really dont matter to me.

      1. lol! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t think anyone cares about MOST of the comments that are posted here…. If I was worried about posting something that someone cares about, I wouldn’t be on this site.

    1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will not support Nintendo” said noone ever
      WiiU can pull it out, but it is not necessary
      720p looks preety much similar only on rare ocassions 1080p is noticed

      1. You’re not doing Nintendo (or gamers) any favors by supporting them when they’re making poor products like the Wii U. By all means, keep buying 3DS consoles and software like I am. But let this piece of shit called the Wii U die.

        1. why on everyones’ mind poor products=lower graphics?????????
          for god sake, stop this idiotic thinking
          the gfx are a plus on the game, get it already

          they are not making it 1080p is due to the dev time, the game was being on dev for some time now, the game is build on old dev tools tech, it is obvious that it isnt improved. Remember the Wii? the gfx Mario galaxy has could not be achieved back on the launch.
          My point is that this stupid idology of gfx=everything
          i dont care about gfx, i in fact enjoy a lot old school game when gfx didnt matter

          1. You enjoy a lot of old school games when graphics didnt matter?

            Youre obviously werent there when these old school games launched because its always been about graphics and up untill the wii Nintendo almost always was at the forefront of graphics.

  17. 720p@60fps? Why should we complain, especially for a 2.5D side-scroller? It could be 576i for all I care, just as long as it runs at 60fps (and yes, I am mentioning the Wii there via PAL60 Component). I’m good.

    Not all games actually run at 1080p just yet. Give it a year or so, and it’ll be the next big thing. We can all live with 720p on consoles. We have been these last seven years.

  18. The reason why it not run 1080p native. Is because Nintendo finish there latest devkit on november 2012, and Donkey must be a year in the make, so it was to far to change things, so they chose to do it on 720p natvie. Cause peeps remember, you need 16 mb edram to do 1080p navite, and the WiiU got 35 mb edram on the gpu, so the wiiu can rendered 1080p two times…..Keep dreaming if you haters think that the WiiU can’t do 1080p native. Every game on te WiiU can do 1080p native, if the developer want it!

    1. Yup and it’s got a precise bandwidth of 563.2Gb/s that’s faster than the total bandwidth of PS4’s 8GB of GDDR5 RAM believe it or not.

      That’s over 1Tb every 2 seconds!

    1. It’s funny, because graphics meant nothing when Nintendo systems were more powerful. They just pulled the ‘oh, graphics don’t mean anything!’ then when we get behind, it’s the ENTIRE argument. It’s honestly a little funny. Oh well, they aren’t true gamers anyway, so who cares, right?

      1. I can’t help but feel your sarcasm…if so, I never said that graphics don’t mean anything, I asked that since when a good game needs to have 1080p graphics. Let’s be honest, we know a lot of people get more impressed by a game’s graphics than from the actual gameplay. Like I said before, Enjoy the games and stop criticizing a game just because it is on 780P. If it was like that, I wouldn’t be playing Earthbound every once in a while.

  19. maybe 720p looks better than a slower framerate? … the 1080p is a marketing gimmic.

    toy story 3 looks better at 480p than mario does at 720p (just making that up to make a sketchy point here)

    1. To be fair though, movies like Toy Story 3 and Monsters University (Pretty much anything Pixar) EXCEL at graphics. Disney’s movies do it too, did you see Frozen? That movie was incredible, especially animation wise and design wise.

  20. When I watch this game, I see almost perfect level design, incredible Gameplay, fast and fun game rhythm. In what resolution I see all this I have no idea but I don’t give a F… ok, I think I made my point!

    1. esp. because nobody out there could see a difference if it’s native or upscaled. you can’t even tell a difference when you watch an upscaled dvd or an original hd-blu-ray – both look great on hdtv’s. so this discussion around 1080p native or not (which also is there on ps4&xboxone) is so virtual. it’s a discussion fired on by the marketing departments of some publishers who want to make people think that they games only look good with 1080p native. stupid little consumer trolls ;)

    1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will not support Nintendo” said noone ever
      fyi, BF4 on X-Gone runs at 720p

  21. this is just a virtual discussion – no matter on which platform, because nobody will ever see a diffrence if the game is upscaled to 1080p or native.

  22. It’s not like this game is gonna boost sales. Games like this may be fun, but it won’t make devs take the console seriously.

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