Pokemon Black & White And HeartGold & SoulSilver Are Still Proving Popular At Retail

Siliconera has revealed that Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are still performing well at retail. Both games were released in 2010 and 2011 but are still shifting plenty of units. Pokemon Black & White sold 160,000 units between March 2013 and March 2014 and Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver sold 50,000 units during the same time period. Just goes to show that the Pokemon franchise remains a top seller for Nintendo.

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48 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White And HeartGold & SoulSilver Are Still Proving Popular At Retail”

    1. You… got out of Pokemon? What sorcery is this

      No one leaves Pokemon

      Jokes aside, yes I also got out of Pokemon at one stage but it was the magic of Soul Silver that brought me back

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      1. Trust me, I still love Pokemon, but I’ve been so busy with other games. I actually keep track of all the games that I still need to complete on this page.


        It’s a list that keeps on growing bigger and bigger, which is why I always hesitate before getting any of the longer games like Pokemon. Still, I can’t keep myself away from it much longer. I definitely plan to get Pokemon Black/White, the sequel, Heartgold/SoulSilver, and finally the big Pokemon X/Y. A lot of Pokemon on the way!

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          1. Heh heh, but you can see why they’ve stayed in the backlog right? Typically, the better the game, the faster that I play it. I made sure to go through Mario 3D Land and Sonic Lost World instantly while games like Nerf and Roogoo Twisted Towers took a while. I’ll admit that some of the games have definitely been less than appealing, but I tend to like most of them


        1. If you want to get back into Pokemon I’d recommend hg/ss. Those are my favorites to date. Black/White and the sequels weren’t too great imo, but some people like them a lot.


          1. I definitely aim to get hg/ss as well. I really don’t have a preference for which one I play first (Aside from Black/White 2 since it’s a sequel) so it is possible that I could get Heart Gold and X before I get Pokemon Black. I’m looking forward to HG/SS since I never got to get the older version back in the day. This will be my first complete Johto game!


          1. Well, it’s not supposed to be a great game, but it is pretty short. I played it a few times in the past, but I didn’t have a PS1 memory card so it never saved. I finally got one about a year ago so it shouldn’t take long to beat it. Then, I’ll go back to the real games ;)


      2. Heart Gold brought me back. Gen 2 was my everything <3

        I never got the chance to play Gen 3 or 4 so I'm pretty excited for the Ruby/Sapphire remake.


    2. I also got out of pokemon, and right now i’m beating all kinds of games because If I go back to pokemon I need to dedicate all my life to it….


      1. Exactly! Once I start a Pokemon game, I’m definitely putting in at least 70-80 hours minimum. It’ll keep me busy for a very long time. You just can’t put it down midway!


  1. Not surprised, I always see those games in all the stores around here, not too long ago I actually asked a manager why do they keep those games on shelf and never in bargain bin, he simply said: “they still have steady sales”
    Those 4 games is X and Y are super easy to find (at least around here), with the podometer and all xD.


  2. Man, I can’t believe how much more easily amused some people are than me. I bought Pokemon White Versions 1 and 2, but I only played the first game for so long, and it was so boring that I never returned to it. I never even attempted to play Pokemon White Version 2.

    My love for Pokemon games started (and ended) with Pokemon Diamond. I thoroughly enjoyed that game. But every game I tried playing since then felt like the same thing all over again. Having different kinds of Pokemon does NOT make a game feel different. I’ll probably never buy another Pokemon game unless I find it super cheap at a thrift shop or yard sale.

    I’m not usually one to believe that age has anything to do with liking a game/series or not. But in this case, maybe I AM simply too old to enjoy them anymore? It’s sad.


    1. I don’t blame you for getting bored because of the repetitiveness of the series. Pokemon is pretty much the sports games, like Madden & Fifa, of the RPG genre: characters change but everything else remains roughly the same. The Pokemon are pretty much the football players of every new game.


  3. Nintendo games sell for life. The original mario bros. has sold over 100,000 copies since its release on the Wii U store two years ago. Thats why they will never allow thier games on anything other than Nintendo platforms. They don’t want to share the profits.


  4. The games seem to hold their value. You rarely see them in the bargain bin. China is still manufacturing bootlegs, so they must be popular. If you see them cheap on ebay, they are bootlegs.


  5. xD Of course they are… especially if people got back into Pokemon with Pokemon X & Pokemon Y and need the legendaries of past games to complete their collection. Heart Gold, Soul Silver, White, & Black are all you really need to get every legendary up to now. I hope to have most, if not all, of one of each Pokemon by the time Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire hits stores & eShop. I’ve got around 400-500 Pokemon right now, so I’m pretty close to having them all. I have got to CATCH EM ALL!!! lol


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