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GameTrailers List Their Favourite Controllers Of All-Time

Popular streaming site Game Trailers have published their take on the best controllers of all-time. Unsurprisingly there’s quite a few Nintendo controllers contained within the top ten list. It’s a battle for first place between the SNES controller and Sony’s recent DualShock 4, but the Sony controller takes the number one position. Here’s the top ten video game controllers:

10. Wii U GamePad
9. Wii U Pro Controller
8. Nintendo Gamecube Controller
7. Nintendo 64 Controller
6. NES Controller
5. Wii Remote Plus
4. Dualshock 2
3. Xbox 360 Controller
2. Super Nintendo Controller
1. Dualshock 4

Thanks, Kyle

181 thoughts on “GameTrailers List Their Favourite Controllers Of All-Time”

  1. 10. Wii U GamePad
    9. Wii U Pro Controller
    8. Nintendo Gamecube Controller

    Uhm, Pro Controller and Gamecube Controller are seriously comfortable and easy to use. They should be in the top 3, Gamepad at 4th.

    1. GameCube is a contender for number 1 except for fighting games (not smash, that IS the smash controller, I mean street fighter and mortal kombat and such).

        1. Wii Remote is fun, and I loved the controls for the Galaxy Games and even Skyward Sword (though it needs a better sensor), but it’s certainly not deserving of 5th place or even close to it. Gamecube is my favorite, I love the 64 though for certain games. Although it’s been maybe 4 or 5 years since I held one so maybe that has changed.

          1. 360 controller is the worst controller I have ever used. The wired ones stopped working after a few months, so then I switched to the battery ones. The battery pack on those things is horrible. It gets lose after a while and then the controller will shut off. I take good care of my shit. Everything I’ve ever owned still works. Never again microsoft, never again.

            1. I’ve used microsoft controllers and never liked them much. Never owned any but played my friends. The D-pads always suck in my opinion and everything just felt weird. Since I never owned any I never had any knowledge of there being issues them the wired ones and the battery packs. Always like seeing your avatar by the way lol. When the icon is small enough it looks like Luigi is the guys ventriloquist dummy to me lol.

              1. The D-pad on the 360 has already been fixed by Microsoft. They changed it with newer controllers like the chrome colored ones…

            2. I’ve had 4 for seven plus years and no issues except the rubber on the left analog stick is starting to wear down. You must be rough with your controllers o.o

        1. The small D-Pad which is also a little out of place makes me have to disagree for fighting games as I stated above. It is doable, but just nowhere near as good as most other Nintendo D-Pads and I hate usually controller joysticks for fighting games, D-Pads always seem more responsive even if joysticks may have better technology. Everyone I’ve known has felt the same way with fighting games. Arcade I’ll go joystick, but on a controller D-Pad just works better. So for everything BUT fighting games, I’ll agree with you lol.

          1. I’m a joystick guy so that may be why I’ve always preferred the GC remote for every genre. I do admit that the D pad is technically better, but the joystick makes you really feel like you’re back at the arcade. I definitely miss those days though and hope that Nintendo’s next console controller is similar to their previous ones instead of trying to be the next big thing

            1. Since I only have a thumb on it and not my whole hand it never felt the same to me but I get where you’re coming from. I miss playing street fighter 2 in the arcade way back in the early 90s when it first came out! That was my favorite lol. I think I actually would tap the joystick in the direction I wanted instead of gripping it and moving it now that I think about it. I would love a new awesome traditional controller from Nintendo next console, but the fusion idea also sounds great IF they made it just right so it was incredibly comfortable and somehow not gigantic like the gamepad. I like the gamepad but after playing Mario Kart 8 on the pro controller for instance then switching after a few races to the gamepad just feels so weird lol. I think the fusion idea would be one of the things next generation that could actually make Nintendo compete for number 1 again. This generation is already giving me an impression that they would have been number 1 this time if they had made the wii u on par with the other 2 and maybe changed the name. I know it’s not selling as well but look at it this way. After E3 even on sites like IGN Nintendo was voted as having the best E3. Even sony and microsoft fans. So that says they like Nintendo’s games but want a system that has more than it. If they made a system on par with the other 2, easy to develop for like them so 3rd parties don’t back out, keep up with having M rated games, and threw in the Nintendo touch with something like the fusion idea, I think they could have a surprise comeback with even the hardcore fan base. And if the fusion controller proves too big then make sure to have an awesome traditional controller with analog triggers and rumble and everything the other ones have that are considered standard. IF Nintendo did this, I could see them winning. You would HAVE to be a total fanboy of the other companies and total hater of Nintendo to not want that system. Everything everyone else has but also stuff they don’t. They have far more exclusives than anyone else, and combine those with all the multiplat 3rd party and you have the dream machine.

              *Well damn that ended up much longer than I originally intended lol.*

              1. I completely agree with the fusion idea. Nintendo needs to make that top priority at once and they should have enough time to implement it for the next console. As long as they don’t call it the Wii U Combo console, then we’re set. A cool name and the advantage of this new fusion innovation would really help them to dominate or at least get a huge amount of sales next gen. The only worry will be if Sony tries to do something similar. I doubt we need to worry about Microsoft even trying that though since they don’t do portable. I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s next console, but I am still glad that they’re going to let the Wii U run its course first. It may not have been perfect, but I still have plenty of games that I want to get for the system. (The time will also help me save money to buy it!)

        1. Never used them but looking at them and the look like a decent arcade mock controller, so I can see that. I like how the buttons are extra big so it looks like it would give a similar feel to pressing two buttons at once in the arcade. I didn’t mind pressing two buttons at once in the arcade for street fighter 2 for instance, but on the sega genesis controller pressing two buttons at once felt weird, also due to the lack of the joystick.

          1. Yeah, it the Street Fighter 2 on the Genesis was pretty much uplayable on the 3 button controller, but the 6 button version worked well. The Neo Geo stick felt close to the arcade sticks minus the shape of the stick. It should be in the top ten.

    2. The fact that the game cube center isn’t number one is just strange or how far up it is and the xbone controller is by far better than the ds4, the fact the ds4 has a share button should make it not even on the list but I would say it might be a 6 or 7

    3. The whole list is completely random and stupid. So Nintendo should use snes controllers instead of pro controllers for Wii u or what??? Morons…

    1. I agree and this is my list of the greatest top ten controllers of all-time

      10. NES controller pad
      9. Xbox 360 controller
      8. Dualshock 1
      7. N64 controller
      6. Dualshock 4
      5. Sega Genesis controller
      4. Wii U Gamepad
      3. Wii U Pro Controller
      2. SNES controller
      1. Gamecube controller/Wavebird

  2. El-SomethingSomething-Darkside

    Dualshock 4? I didn’t like it. Most of the Dualshocks and Sony controllers aren’t comfortable enough for me.

  3. gamecube is ranked way too low. and seriously, super nintendo at rank 2? dualshock 4 at rank 1?!

    bullshit list, 0/10 would not reblog.

    1. They went for the new and cool and hyped PS4 controller for the top spot for the popular thing that the mainstream will agree with and went hipster retro and picked the SNES controller for number 2 to get people to agree out of nostalgia. Genius! Haha just kidding :p

      1. I have and don’t get me wrong it’s a great controller, the BEST controller for SNES games…but do you think a 3D game would work well on it? The lack of a joystick makes me think it wouldn’t be as good as gamecube. I haven’t used one unfortunately in at least 14 years so I can’t say for sure but I think it would be a little less comfy because I’ve grown so my hands are bigger. Not by much though. I have the classic controllers and I know you can’t really compare those to actual SNES controllers cause they feel really cheap in comparison, but I hate using the classic controller especially for Smash Brothers. And SNES controllers don’t have joysticks so you’d be using the D-Pad for moving and everything. How would you TAUNT?!?!?! Lol. That last part obviously isn’t a big deal. :p

    1. Meh, dualshock 3 no. 2 I’m fine with but 3 is just bleh. I do like the 360, but the d-pad sucks I couldn’t put that as high either, or the N64, even though that was my first home console. I wish the 360 had a remade controller with a good d-pad, and I don’t mean the Xone cause that just caused more issues. It’s way too small and grips point way too far out. PS4 is really good, but I still have some issues with the l2 and r2 buttons when I set it down to watch a movie or something. Though, there is no perfect controller, so whatever. They’re all good for what they are

  4. Are they kidding me? Dualshock 4 is just like all the other dualshocks just with a screen and different buttons. I’ve seen many people criticize the dualshock 4. Goes to show these people are biased. Also the Nes and the Snes controllers aren’t even comfortable.

    1. The DualShock 4 doesn’t have a screen on it….its a touchpad.

      Also the DualShock 4 is extremely comfortable, and it is the ONLY playstation controller that I have been able to say that about. Its nowhere near as comfortable as the WiiU Pro or 360 controllers but its up there.

    2. My left thumb agrees that NES controller isn’t comfortable in long run. My right thumb says same about dualshock 1-3 controllers. It’s good sony finally updated their controller but i just don’t like share button and that shiny light.

  5. Nintendo is my Blood

    How the GamePad be at the bottom, it is the most advanced controller, how many controllers do you know with a camera, a high definition touchscreen and motion controls?

    1. Just because it’s the most advanced controller doesn’t mean it’s the best. Think about you guys say how power isn’t everything; the gamepad is a perfect example of that.

      And it’s not like those features are being put to use.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        What are you saying? Are you telling me that the Dualshock 4, a controller that hardly seems different from Dualshock 2, is more aesthetically or functionally impressive than a controller that is a freaking tablet of it’s own?

        1. I find the touchpad on the DualShock 4 to be more innovative than the gimmick gamepad.

          Yeah, like a tablet is more comfortable… than a real controller made for gamers

              1. If you’re one of those fucking idiots that think everything they hate is a gimmick, than you’re definitely the wrong person here.

                1. Obviously you’re the fucking idiot to think that the gamepad is not a gimmick.

                  You are basically forced to use it, whether you want to or not. It is supposed to be the MAIN selling point of the Wii U, but that failed. It’s a gimmick get over it.

                  1. Not to be that guy, a Gimmick is neither define has good or bad. Every console has its gimmicks major, and minor. Snes offered triggers, 64 offer rumble anlog, ps offered dual, wii offer motion, 360(not sure if mic output and that X box button count. Ds offered touch screen, 3ds 3D, ps4 touch pad, share button, and wii u offers the same thing as DS just on a bigger scale.

                    1. A gimmick *can* be a bad thing, in the Wii U’s case it’s prevented Nintendo from lowering the price of the Wii U as drastically as they did with the 3DS/expensive to manufacture, not to mention most 3rd party companies’ abandonment and at times can be too distracting for certain games. It alone, being the main focus of the Wii U, was not enough to sell the system, which would also make it a failed gimmick.

            1. Me too, I think that the dualshock 4 adds more to games so far imo.

              However I know that the Wii U gamepad has the potential to add more to games, that I can’t deny.

            1. How is the touchpad on the DualShock 4 a gimmick if it’s optional? If the devs don’t want use it, they don’t have to. It is not going to get in the way.

              I can’t say that to the gamepad though LMAO!

          1. To call touchpad innovative… I’ve hated those things ever since they got common in laptops.

            I only tried DS 4 in a store, it did not instantly strike any more comfortable than DS 3.
            But Gamepad is comfortable to play with, and did not take lot to get used to.
            Sure it might be little too big for children to play comfortably.

          2. I like the dual shock 4, but how can you say the touchpad in the middle of the screen is innovation? I mean the Ouya had that first.

          3. Can you give us example of game that actually has good use for touchpad that you couldn’t do by pressing button? Only thing where i see some use for that touchpad is Warthunder’s menu screens.

  6. dualshock 3 is great but the 4 is crap.
    1. ngc
    2. 360
    3. dualshock 3
    4. snes
    5. dualshock 2
    6. Saturn controller
    7. n64
    8. wii u tablet.
    9. genesis
    10. pro controller

    1. DS3 is an uncomfortable piece of trash. DS4 fixed every problem that it had. Now if you have baby sized hands the DS3 is fine, but my thumbs always hit each other.

  7. I’ve spent a good amount of time with DS4 and I have to say, it definitely deserves that spot. Lol. And no it is not just like the other Dualshocks. Comparing those to DS4 is like an insult. That thing blows all the others out the water. It is by far the most comfortable controller I have ever felt right next to the 360 controller. Oh, and I hated DS3. Lol.

    1. You have lost your mind if you think the Nintendo 64 controller is better than GC, or Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controller.

  8. Am I the only one who hates the 360 controller? The battery pack makes it extremely uncomfortable for me to use.

  9. snes controller is the best!. anyway, they have their reasons. the game pad is a good controller too, it is very helpful in wind waker hd!. GC and N64 controllers are excellent too.

        1. It acts as a standard controller for the most part. And it has a touchscreen which is extremely helpful. You can get anywhere on the internet browser in only a matter of seconds. If used right, it can give you an incredible experience. Mainly my only issue is it’s rumble. It isn’t strong enough.

          1. I find the gamepad to be highly distracting, and it just gets in the way. I like it, but I don’t find it necessary to use most of the time.

            The gamepad is a gimmick.

              1. …………………./´¯/)
                ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
                ……….”…\………. _.·´

                        1. Lmao your comment got deleted before I could even read it. Sickr is not playing around. XD

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Anubis, weren’t you a gimmicky God during the Ancient Egyptian times?…


              2. I really do not like it. Regardless of whether it’s good or not, I would still Never put it in the top 3. Dualshock 4 is number 1 here right? What about the previous versions…I highly doubt that they are that much worse. Gametrailers just seemed to not want to add them since they’re so similar, but that does not make any sense. The Wii U was perfectly added to the 10th place section for clicks. It would definitely not be in my Top 10

              3. I LOVE Nintendo, but come on, the GamePad was a mistake. The Wii U Pro controller should have been bundled with the console and the GamePad should have never been conceived.

                1. I think the Gamepad should have been optional, but the experience you get with it depends on what games you get. Like playing Zombi U which uses the Gamepad in very creative ways can give you a great time with it. But of course if all you play is standard third party games with it, it’s not gonna be that great.

          2. This list is a joke. I can understand the Dualshock 4 being ranked number 1, but how are the Gamepad and Pro Controllers 9th and 10th? That’s bull, especially considering both of the awful N64 and GCN controllers beat the Wii U ones? No way. Oh, and 360 controllers are garbage. The real list should be:

            10. Xbox 360 Controller
            9. Nintendo 64 Controller
            8. NES Controller
            7. SNES Controller
            6. Nintendo Gamecube Controller
            5. Wii Remote Plus
            4. Dualshock 2
            3. Wii U GamePad
            2. Dualshock 4
            1. Wii U Pro Controller

          3. Whoa, looks like we need a real Top 10 list.

            1. Gamecube Remote
            2. Dualshock 3
            3. Dualshock 4
            4. Xbox 360 controller
            5. Dualshock 2
            6. xbox One controller
            7. Xbox controller
            8. N64 Controller
            9. SNES controller
            10. PS1 controller

          4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Pathetic list, obviously corrupted…

            Dualshock 4 can be on the list but first place, no…

            And it just makes my systems go wild everytime I see an Xbot abomination in anything…

            1. You know this list had to come out of someone’s booty pipe with fierce velocity when these people think the N64 controller > Gamecube controller. Don’t get me wrong, I like both but the GCC was so comfortable and easy to use that I was so positive it would at least make top 3. Send these fools and their list to oblivion commander!!

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Indeed, I liked the N64 but the GCN controller is superior in every way by lightyears…

                I bet they violated themselves so much that their primeape hands got deformed…

                -Annihilator Beam on-

          5. Most of you people don’t even know the difference between the DS4 and the earlier models. Goes to show how ignorant you are outside of Nintendo.

            1. I have a ps4, yah its more comfy, but it haven’t gave me a reason why its a vast improvement over the dual shock 3

          6. Gamecube is the most comfortable. The 360 is identical to it in terms of button placement but I must admit it feels comfortable too. PS3 is fine. Grew accustomed to it. PS I play Dragon’s Dogma. PSN: dbzloco911 it’s my friend’s just saying. Hugs!

            1. Should go something like this…

              1. WiiU Gamepad
              2. Gamecube
              3. Xbox One
              4. DS4
              5. Xbox 360
              6. Wiimote
              7. Snes
              8. Nes
              9. N64
              10. DS2

          7. Here’s what I think:
            10: Nintendo 64
            9: SNES
            8 Dualshock 2
            7: Wii Remote+
            6: DS3
            5: Gamecube
            4: Wii U Gamepad
            3: Xbox One
            2: Xbox 360
            1: Dualshock 4

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Anything coming out of a sadistic nazi ape’s mouth has as much value as absolutely nothing…

                  Xbait. go home…

                  1. Anything coming out of your ass is probably a black sausage you were saving for breakfast. Do you have a couple balls up their for a snack? You can add jelly and pop them to have the gooey fluid run in your mouth. The new definition of busting a nut!

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      You creature seem to have a lot of personal experiences with these vile things…

                      -New lifeform identified-
                      -Subject: Nostalgia Disgustos-
                      -Terminate its existence on sight-

                        1. Whore. Take your torture porn fantasies of Iwata & his family dying horribly & leave. Oh & be sure to take your butt friends sasori & donko with you. The less of you three on this site, the better the comment section will be.

          8. IMO DualShock 3 should be 10 and Gamepad should not be on the list. Only problem I had with DualShock 3 was I felt it was too light.

          9. Gamcube controller was the best one from Nintendo. If it wasn’t, how did we all asked For it for smash?

          10. 1-ds4
            2-wiiu game pad
            3- pro controller
            4- I don’t care nothing else matters, and I kinda hate the n64, gamecube, especially wii controllers.

          11. Ps controllers to me aren’t that much different from eachother other ps4 which does slightly feel different(the anlog feel good, but they feel cheap, my friends has began to tear up a little). Gamecube feels the best to over all, my least favorite is the N64 that fucker is too damn big for its own good

          12. For me best to last
            Wii u pro
            Wii motion and nunchuck
            Wii u gamepad

          13. Dualshock controller gives me hand cramps and the D-pad feels broken when you try to do a diagonal. So it wouldn’t even be on my list.

            The first Lynx had a great D-pad as did the first Saturn controller. Also, where is the Neo Geo’s controller that should be very high. This list sucks.

          14. DS4 made #1? I HATE the Dualshock 4. It feels uncomfortable and the joystick don’t feel right. I prefer the XB1 100000000000000000 times more than that. I don’t get why everyone is all over the PS4. Come Christmas XB1 will have the better library with Halo MC Edition and Wii U will have both beat. All my PS4 does is gather dust. And no games coming out in the near future interest me for it.

          15. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            The DS4 is absolute shit a durability, the sticks become loose not too long after you get it, just like the DS3, also has a nearly useless touchpad, however it feels comfortable and less cramped, and I am glad that it doesn’t let my fingers easily slip from the L2 and R2 buttons thanks to the trigger grips or whatever you call that shape. That’s my experience though, can’t say the same from others.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Don’t worry it’s still a good controller, just don’t expected the joy sticks to obey your every whim after a month or two, because it will be so loose it will be as if movement for any game will be at 100% sensitivity, if it happens to you.

                1. What the heck did you do to the controller? I know someone that has a PS4 and their controller is on perfect condition.

            1. Maybe you’ve just been unlucky, because I’ve been using the DS4 since the PS4 launch and it still works perfectly fine, just like on day one. And it’s also the most comfortable controller I’ve ever used, hands down.
              Honestly, I even really like the DS3, even though so many people dislike it, which I can understand. The reason why it worked so well for me personally was because I have rather small hands, so it was just like it was made for me, lmao.
              But yea, DS4 > everything else, imo.

          16. Pffft… n64 a great controler. If yo u had 3 fucking hands maybe. It feels like your jerking off a spaceship when grabbing the different positions for your hands comfortable GC was obviously better. I love both consoles, but man that controler sucks ass today.

          17. NOT FUCKED IN THE HEAD
















          18. NOT FUCKED IN THE HEAD



          19. This is so fucking wrong, first of all remove all the Xbox controllers, those are probably the worst in history. Probably even worst than the shitty Atari ones. No I’m not kidding. This isn’t hate on Xbox I just hate all their dumb controllers. The Gamecube controllers are some of the best ever, they should place higher than the N64 one which wasn’t really good at all. The Wii remote wasn’t good either, not for normal gameplay at least. That’s why there was a classic controller. Dual shock 3 is better than dual shock 2, not by far but there are some simple changes that shoots it up much higher. Haven’t tried Dual shock 4 yet so I wouldn’t know how that one is.

            1. You have got to be kidding me if you think the Xbox controllers are the worst in history. There are far worse. Much, much worse.

            2. Haha, I love xbox controllers. Idk, they just fit so nicely on my hands and never hurt to play on after hours and hours of gameplay. I guess everyone is different haha

          20. They obviously didn’t put any thought into this list. They probably just voted on their top ten favorite controllers and listed those on their website.

          21. The N64 controller is a snes controller with the c buttons acting as a b x y with a analog stick as a new option with 2 more buttons… the hate for it is beyond me it spawned a new generation of gaming that to this day its still a must have each console cycle

            1. I love the 64. The transition from SNES to playing Mario 64 on the 64 controllers is one of my video game memories, especially playing it in Toys ‘R’ Us before it released. Getting my SNES for Christmas unexpectedly the year it released it up there too :p

          22. Xbox 360 controller is simply there for Microsoft fan service. It’s a mediocre controller at best, unworthy of a list of this nature. Of course all the GC controller maniacs are here in force. I’ll concede one thing to you guys – that controller is way better than the 360 one!

          23. As far as ease of use, and a comfortable feel with a good button layout, nothing beats the Super NES controller. Followed by the dogbone NES controller.

          24. N64 controller was awful. I love me some 64, but god man, that controller was so uncomfortable, even when I was a kid.

            Just wait and see, five years from now everyone will say the Wii U controller is the best. I believe it to be now. It’s the most comfortable out of any other controller I’ve used. And what other controller can you actually play your games directly on? It always takes time for classics to be made, and I truly believe the Wii U will be remembered as such.

            1. The weight of the Wii U Game Pad is what I have issues with. If you’re not holding it with both hands at all times, it really wears the hands out from the weight. Other than that, I like it.

          25. Honestly did they really test out all the controllers? The Sega Saturn and Dreamcast controller should be on this list. By far the most comfortable controller I ever used for fighting games and 2D plat formers.

          26. I’ve used the DS4 and the triggers aren’t even as good as the 360 triggers. I think the Wii U controllers should go at number 1 and 2 cause they’re really made for the modern day.

          27. The xbox 360 is probably the best controller i ever used. Idk how the ps4 got top spot when it’s the same shit as the ps2. If that’s the case the xbox one controller should be there too. It’s the same as the 360. And fits right in your hand. The ps controller seems too small.

          28. Dual shock 4? Nintendo got it right first time with snes and others, not 4 attempts at the same one over 20 years….. Down u go DS4! Waits for the cod wrath now……

          29. I find this list a bit off when it comes down to controller design. First off, N64 beats GameCube controller? Bullshit. Everyone complainted about the N64 design being oddly and childish of sort. GameCube actually feels great in the hands. Now, 360, I get that it was popular by douchebags who love throwing money at a faulty console box charging for free online and has very scarce exclusives, but the controller, even though it felt very comfortable, had its flaws that even carried out to Xbox One. D-Pad was a joke and no integrated recharable battery even if it has an add on. Gamepad being dead last is just an insult, a very stupid one. Even though its big, Nintendo was smart enough to make it as comfortable and useful as possible. Dualshock 4 being #1 is all straight up fanboy talk because PS4 is so overhyped right now. Dualshock 4 is the first real change in PS controller design in 19 years but the track pad is like the most useless feature about it. I cannot think of any other use or games that’s gonna bother with this crap. Its just a very depressing attempt to copycat Gamepad’s touchscreen and WTF is up with the neon light shit in the front? I thought PSMove was DOA from minute one and its still trying to pull the Kinect 2.0 wasted revival. lol

            Wii U Pro controller being I happen to find that controller far more practical than 360 and Dualshock because it resolved all the issues it had regarding integrated battery, battery life, body design and D-Pad. Now here’s how I would rate controllers:

            1. SNES Controller (Lets all confess: SNES is the best console of gaming history next to PS2 when it came and the controller was an evolution to the NES adding more buttons, shoulder buttons and had a sleek design right for the hands)
            2. NES Controller (Maybe I’m oldschool because NES is when I grew up with in video games but don’t forget the golden motto: You can’t beat the classics and NES & its controller is a timeless gaming dynasty)
            3. Wii U Pro Controller (I grew myself very fond of this controller from its comfortability to battery and button placements)
            4. GameCube Controller (Although the most underrated console of all time, GameCube did deliver it in some areas and the control is among the most favorite when it comes down to Smash Bros. even today)
            5. Xbox 360 Controller (Although had a couple of drawing backs like the D-Pad, the controller in the end is comfortable and right for gaming)
            6. Wii Remote Controller (The cintroller that changed the rules of gaming forever last gen. Despite some people complaining of its sorta “slow” response compare to sticks and even a mouse, Wii Remote delivers a more natural and refreshing gaming interface such as FPSs like Metroid Prime or COD)
            7. Dualshock 4 Controller (Nice to see the Dualshock breaking away from its old design that has showed its age and even though the touchpad is still virtually pointless, the main goal of controllers is giving gamers the right feel and accessibility and yes DS4 still uphold its end of the bargin)
            8. Wii U Gamepad Controller (We get it. This controller maybe too big for others and not yet implemented enough for most games but Nintendo did do a smart thing by designing it comfortable as possible and has its own advantages aside from conventional game controllers)
            9. Dualshock 1-3 Controller (Once started as popular as PlayStation itself with its first twin stick control but overtime, its recycled design desperately needed a change which is where PS4 comed in)
            10. N64 Controller (I remember having a blast with this thing playing Super Mario 64 but in terms of design when looking back, my god, it was ridiculous..hilariously ridiculous)

          30. My list:
            1.Xbox 360
            3. Xbox ‘duke’ controller.
            4. Original xbox controller
            5.wii remote
            6.N64 (don’t bash me for this, but I actually like it)
            7. NES (it gets the job done, and the buttons are perfect.)
            8.dual shock 2
            9.dual shock 3 (2 beats it because 2 feels more solid and weighted.)
            10.dual shock 1
            This isn’t a best to worst list, it’s just in the order I prefer using them. They are all awesome in their own way.

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            Spy camera pen buy online But regulations in Japan (camera sounds are mandatory) and Korea’s endeavors could possibly be paving just
            how for similar rulings inside the U.

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