Captain Toad Figurine Lamp Now Available On European Club Nintendo

If you reside in Europe and have any Club Nintendo stars left then you will probably be interested to learn that the adorable Captain Toad Figurine Lamp is currently available for purchase on the service. It is not cheap, setting you back 6000 of your hard-earned stars, but it is probably totally worth it. Don’t forget that you need to use your stars up as Club Nintendo will be closing soon and will be replaced with a brand new service.

Reminder: Club Nintendo For North America Ends Tomorrow

If you live in North America and have been pushing off using your coins, you better get on it. While it isn’t news that Nintendo’s reward program, Club Nintendo, would be closing down, few may remember that it is happening tomorrow, June 30th. Not only is it your last time to use your saved coins, but it will be the last time Club members can access their account — if you grab some last-minute rewards today, make sure to jot down the download key on a piece of paper.

Super Mario Baddies Eco Shopping Bag Is On European Club Nintendo


Nintendo Europe has stayed true to their promise to add additional items to the Club Nintendo catalogue. The latest item to be added is this rather fetching Super Mario Baddies Eco Shopping Bag. It can be yours for 3000 Stars, so if you were waiting for something like this to come along, now is the perfect chance to snap it up.


Thanks, Airmaltese

New Items Coming To Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue In Europe



Nintendo UK has sent out an email informing Club Nintendo members that new items are being gradually added to the Stars catalogue before the service closes later this year. There’s a number of neat items being added including a Captain Toad Figurine Lamp and The Legend of Zelda Carrying Case. You can check out what’s being included in the image posted above.

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Nintendo Of Europe Has Three Home Menu Themes New In The Stars Catalogue Now

Head to the Stars Catalogue and check out these three Nintendo 3DS Home Menu Themes now available in the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue for Nintendo of Europe, each for 500 stars. You can choose from the ‘Nintendo consoles’ theme, ‘Loads of Toads’ and ‘Club Nintendo Hanafuda’. Will you be sparing some stars for one of these themes?

Club Nintendo US Has Slashed Physical Reward Prices By Up To 50%

You may have already seen this, but if you haven’t and you’ve still got coins in your Club Nintendo account, then you may want to check out US Club Nintendo. The company has slashed physical reward prices by up to fifty percent so now’s as good a time as any to grab that reward you’ve been saving towards. Here’s the items which have been reduced on Club Nintendo in the United States.

  • Mario & Luigi Greeting Cards: 300/150 coins
  • Nintendogs Greeting Cards: 300/150 coins
  • 3DS Game Card Case: 2015 Edition: 400/300 coins
  • 2016 Desktop Calendar: 400/300 coins
  • 3DS XL Pouch: The Legend of Zelda: 600/300 coins
  • Retro Mario T-Shirt: 700/350 coins
  • Fierce Deity Link Jigsaw Puzzle: 800/400 coins
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Messenger Bag: 800/500 coins

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Get This Majora’s Mask Light From Club Nintendo Europe

If you’ve got 6000 Stars lying around, you can trade them for this awesome Majora’s Mask Light in the European Club Nintendo. It’s eyes give out a soft (somewhat spooky) orange glow for a cosy ambiance in your room. If not, you have until September 30th, when Club Nintendo officially ends, to earn your Stars and trade them in. I wish I had the Stars saved up to get this! What will you be trading your Stars for?