Reminder: The European Club Nintendo Closes Tomorrow

The European Club Nintendo closes its virtual doors tomorrow, September 30th, so today will be the last chance for you to redeem your stars before they disappear. If you haven’t already linked your Nintendo ID with your Club Nintendo account, if you do so now you will gain an extra 750 stars – which will help if you’re just a few stars short for a particular item. You can redeem your stars over on the Nintendo website under the Club Nintendo section here. Now all that’s left to do is to see what the new membership programme will entail!

Video: Here’s A Closer Look At The Goodbye Club Nintendo Coin

YouTuber Tilmen from Nintendomination has managed to get his hands on the highly sought after Goodbye Club Nintendo Coin. The item is the last goodie that will be available on Club Nintendo Europe before it closes its doors and a new service emerges from its ashes. You can watch the beautiful unboxing video, below.

Video: Club Nintendo Sound Collection Unboxing

Lucky Tilmen was able to get hold of the Club Nintendo Sound Collection gift with his remaining Club Nintendo credits. The item is probably the last reward we will get on the European version of Club Nintendo before it is replaced with something new entirely. The Club Nintendo Sound Collection is still available on the service and costs 3000 Stars.

Club Nintendo Special Goodbye Coin Available In Europe


Club Nintendo Europe keeps on giving as there’s a new reward available on the service which is due to close shortly. Nintendo fans can now pick up a Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin which will set you back 2000 Stars. This could well be the final gift added to the service before it gets a complete revamp.


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Club Nintendo Europe: Nintendo Sound Selection CD Available


If you are from Europe and still have some points left over on Club Nintendo then you will be pleased to learn that the Nintendo Sound Selection CD is now available. The CD features endings and credits music from a number of high-profile Nintendo video games and is quite a highly sought after item. If you want the Nintendo Sound Selection CD then it will cost you 3000 Stars.

Help give Club Nintendo a fitting send-off with this 30-track, double-disc collection of credit rolls and ending themes. Spanning NES to Wii U, the accompanying hard-back book contains extensive liner notes in English, with Japanese artwork and screenshots. With several tracks taken from games that never left Japan, including some with Japanese lyrics, this is the ideal music collection to listen to at the close of Club Nintendo around the world.

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Club Nintendo Europe: Card Matching Game And Kirby’s Dream Blanket Up

Despite it closing soon, the European Club Nintendo keeps on giving. There’s two new lucrative additions to the already impressive lineup. You can now purchase a Super Mario Card Matching Game or alternatively a Kirby Dream Blanket. If you opt to choose the Super Mario Card Matching Game then be prepared to fork out 3500 Stars, or if you opt for the cosy Kirby’s Dream Blanket you will need 4500 Stars. Will you be purchasing either item with your hard-earned Stars?

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Luxurious Zelda 3DS Carrying Case Added To Club Nintendo Europe


Club Nintendo members in Europe have got yet another reason to be pleased, providing they have got some stars, as Club Nintendo Europe have just added a luxurious Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS carrying case. The extravagant case isn’t cheap and will set you back 4,000 Stars. Still, it’s a very nice item to be gifted.

Emblazoned with the iconic Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda series, this neat carry case is just the ticket for pencils, toiletries – or even a Nintendo 3DS and some Game Cards! Fashioned from dark green nylon, it features a useful carry handle, plus a gold-coloured zip complete with two slider grips – one is stamped with a Zelda Heart Container emblem, the other with the Club Nintendo logo. Don’t forget it the next time you set off on an adventure! Dimensions approximately 19.5cm x 12cm x 6.5cm.

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