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You Will Need To Register Those Club Nintendo Points Soon

If you’ve got any Nintendo products to register on Club Nintendo then you would be wise to redeem them today. The last day to register your products with Club Nintendo is March 31st, which is today. After that you’ll no longer be able to register your games with the service. The final rewards for Club Nintendo went up a while ago but you’ve got a while before you need to use up your points. Nintendo has said you have until June 30th to spend those hard-earned coins.

21 thoughts on “You Will Need To Register Those Club Nintendo Points Soon”

  1. I only have like 100 something coins and nothing to register :( I really wanted at least one thing from the shop

      1. You reminded me. I ordered that Majora’s Mask bag right after it appeared on Club Nintendo. But I never received it. I’m gonna have to contact Nintendo about that.

        1. I was kind of referring to the fact that there haven’t been any ‘final’ rewards added yet on Club Nintendo Europe. And I was right, but then I realized that the post was referring to the US only.

      1. “Below are all the rewards and games that we are making available in conjunction with the discontinuation of Club Nintendo. Be sure to exchange your Coins for games or rewards before 6/30/2015! Quantity is limited on certain items”. I took that from Club Nintendo´s site. It is not until tomorrow, it is until June 30th

        1. Check their discontinuation calendar. After today, you won’t be able to register any more games or get any coins. You can redeem until june though.

      2. I’m still looking for 250 coins so I can get W101, but sadly all my friends used theirs. Guess I’ll be getting something else instead. >.<

      3. I was actually saving my final coins in hopes that something better would appear on Club Nintendo. If nothing does, that really sucks. I’ll have to just use them on something I don’t care about.

      4. I just wonder, are these same digital rewards we can get right now going to be the Gold/Platinum rewards? Because if so, that’s going to feel like a slap in the face.

      5. I live in Sweden and must have like 10-20 codes that I cant use.
        And now they can be thrown in the bin then.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Indeed, and then we have the spoiled brats over in the US complaining about things we don’t even have a chance of getting our hands on at all plus their cheaper prices, it’s a joke>>>

      6. Sooooo….. the traffic must be terrible or Nintendo is still putting it up, cuz I can’t get on the site.

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