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Sakurai: Here’s Some More Information On Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has put to rest some of the questions asked about Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in his weekly Famitsu column. Sakurai goes into detail about a number of things including Smash Run and how he decides on the Miiverse picture of the day. Here’s what Sakurai had to say.

Please tell us why Smash Run is set to 5 minutes.

Isn’t 4 minutes too short and 6 minutes too long? Kid Icarus: Uprising’s aerial fights were about 5 minutes, right? In Smash Run, because song use fits perfectly and feels good, I decided to use two songs tracks as a time length.

The approach for music is incredible. Why go to such lengths?

My games always have a sound test. Game music which creates a scene in a short loop and brings back many things, including the situation when it played, is really likeable, right?

Especially in a project like Smash Bros. where it is possible to bring everything together, that chance must be used to the fullest!! The required coordination for rights is tenfold compared to a normal software so that multiplies the efforts.

How many tips there are in total?

The truth is that is that the total can be updated. It is possible to add them without any notification, as this is a game with content that cannot exactly be “completed.” Though, if you add more tips, then there is translation work to be done, and with every country in mind, this is more difficult than it seems at first.

Updating the website with “pic of the day”, in what way you do the updates?

First I decide what theme to show, photographed at the desk, come up with a manuscript, and then I have to ask someone at Nintendo to update. Since I’m usually very busy, when I get the chance, I finish several posts in advance. Also, because of all the translations, I have to have the posts ready 10 days in advance.

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Sakurai Explains Why They Released The Nintendo 3DS Version Of Smash Bros First And More

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has explained to Famitsu why he decided to release the Nintendo 3DS version of the game first. He stated that the Wii U version is the bigger of the two and has taken more time and therefore more work. Sakurai also explained why some characters received new Final Smashes and some didn’t. Here’s what he had to say in the article.

What was the reason to make the Nintendo 3DS [version of Smash Bros.] before the Wii U [version]?

Compared to the 3DS [version], the Wii U [version] is larger in scale and also has many modes so the production takes time. It is that simple.

There are fighters that got their Final Smashes changed and fighters that didn’t; what is the reason for this?

It differs depending on the case. Lucario['s final smash changed] because Mega Evolution was introduced in the latest installment [of Pokemon]. Pit because Palutena turned into a fighter. Moves, too, were modified due to balancing and elements of the new game were factored in.

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Sakurai Says Smash Bros Isn’t Finished Yet And Possible Smash Bros Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed in his weekly column in Famitsu that work on the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros isn’t finished. However, Sakurai may have been talking about the fact that he will still have to continue working on both versions with regards to adding patches to address gameplay balance. Sakurai said that an announcement, or possibly a Nintendo Direct, will be made to showcase the difference between the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros and the Wii U version.

“When one fan asked him how it felt to be done with the development on Super Smash Bros., he replied, “I’m not done yet…”

“Game development is very hard.” Sakurai went on in his column in Weekly Famitsu. “You cannot get through it without sacrificing everything, including your own private life, and you often get hurt. However, I’m grateful that so many people have been involved, for the games that are completed, and all the people who play the games.”

“Sakura stated that an announcement – possibly a Nintendo Direct – highlighting the exclusive features of the Wii U version that will show the “true potential of Smash Bros.” was currently in the works and will be released soon.”

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Sakurai Says Smash Bros Clone Haters Are Mostly Children And It Cannot Be Helped

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has taken some time out in his weekly column in Famitsu to explain the cloned characters in the recently released Nintendo 3DS version. Sakurai says that those who are the most vocal about the characters are mainly kids who are just extremely passionate about the game. Here’s what he had to say in Famitsu.

“There are 3 fighters [Lucina, Dark Pit, and Doctor Mario] that are alternate models (clones) in the game. Each was originally a color variation, but during development, they were given balanced characteristics. Since their functionality had differences, forms were separated from each other. However, it was vital that this didn’t increase the required man-hours. Some relative tuning was sufficient as it wasn’t necessary to create balancing from scratch.”

“This is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, “Change this to a meat dish!!”

“Yet, I’m told [to do that] about Smash Bros. But, I guess since a lot of them are children, it cannot be helped.”

“Could you please leave it to me to select [characters] with man-hours and costs in mind? However you look at it, the game is a great bargain buy as a result.”



Sakurai Explains How Characters Are Chosen For Inclusion In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly column in Japanese gaming publication Famitsu how he and the team determine which characters to include in the series. Sakurai also mentioned that characters that are deemed to have no future such as the Ice Climbers just don’t make the cut for the team.

“We conduct a character popularity poll both domestically and internationally.” answered Sakurai. A rather straightforward answer. Of course, it’s not like we expected anything along the lines of nighttime rituals with a ouija board. But there’s more. Continued Sakurai, “We also research games that are currently being developed. After that, it’s pretty much up to us, with a touch of convenience.”

“There are a lot things to take into account when deciding [characters].” Sakurai wrote. “Does the character have something inherently unique about them? Can that be used to make Smash Bros. interesting? Is the character a representative character [for the source material]? Do they conflict at all with other characters? Was there anything about them that stood out when we began development?”

As for who doesn’t make the cut, Sakurai noted, “Characters from a series that has no future are rarely chosen. Also, fighters that switch models are a different matter.”

In the end, as director, Sakurai has the final say on any character ideas that come across his desk. “Basically, any character is accepted if I believe it works [in the game]. On the other hand, even if a character is unique, if they overlap with other characters and aren’t unique as a fighter, they are rejected.” Sakurai wrote

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Sakurai Says He Will Only Post Hidden Elements Of Smash Bros On Miiverse

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has said on Miiverse that he will now concentrate on posting hidden elements from the Super Smash Bros franchise now that the 3DS version has launched worldwide. Sakurai also said that he will stop posting Super Smash Bros images on Miiverse by the end of the year.

Finally, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is being released overseas. Congratulations!! With the game released globally, from here on out I’ll be posting about some of the hidden elements in the game. However, for now they’ll only trickle down a little bit at a time. I’ll be done with posting new pics by the end of the year, so I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the ride.


Sakurai Takes Time Out To Answer Fans Questions About Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has taken some time out from the development of the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros to answer fans questions in his semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu. Here’s the questions he was asked as well as his replies.

Question 1: Why does the game support the C stick on the New Nintendo 3DS, but not the expansion slide pad?

Sakurai: “Because supporting the expansion slide pad adds to the processing load on the CPU. Back when I was working on Kid Icarus: UPRISING, I was told it would add about 5%. This is a rather large amount. Both Kid Icarus and Smash Bros. utilize the Nintendo 3DS to its fullest extent and this was a wall that could not be overcome. Especially with Kid Icarus I would have liked to have used the expansion pad for targeting. With the New 3DS, however, the CPU has been upgraded and the C stick is not an expansion, and so we were able to support it.”

Question 2: Why did you make Zelda and Sheik and Samus and Zero Suit Samus separate individual characters?

Sakurai: “This is mainly due to the limitations of the 3DS. It’s a portable console and no matter what we do, making them into dual characters was impossible. However, limitations can lead to positive outcomes. Form-changing fighters have the negative aspect of losing their character distinctiveness as well as gameplay becoming vague, so I feel the way it turned out is cleaner and better.”

Question 3: Which is your preferred character?

Sakurai: “I don’t have one. However, for this game, I tend to like the heavier fighters.”

Question 4: What should I do about network play being laggy?

Sakurai: “Connectivity can depend heavily on location so I really don’t know what to say. At the very least, we’ve confirmed that smooth play is possible under various conditions of external networks. During multi-player, you’re connected with another player and sending light amounts of data back and forth, so if the game feels laggy, it’s due to the connection speed. If you play when it’s laggy, then the person you’re playing with will experience the same lag, so it’s best to play when the connection is clear. During development, there were cases where we had too many people and the connection became sluggish, so we turned off our cell phones and the connection would clear up. It’s best to avoid playing while streaming something or by a tethered connection. Free wi-fi spots are probably not very good either.”

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