Sakurai Says Takamaru Would Have Been Playable In Smash Bros If He Were Better Known

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Takamaru almost made the cut for Smash Bros but the team decided against it as they assumed he wasn’t really well-known enough. In the very same video interview Sakurai also said that he is aware of some of the most outlandish requests for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo’s very own social network, Miiverse. Fans have been asking him to include everyone from Spongebob to Goku.

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Super Smash Bros Creator Sakurai Is Very Impressed With Steam

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed in his weekly column in Famitsu that he is a great fan of PC gaming service Steam. Sakurai thinks it’s the best online shop available on video game platforms with some great sales and unique community based features. Sakurai then explained just how much he loves the service and the features and prices it offers consumers. It’s unlikely that he will make a game for the platform, but he’s certainly very impressed with it.

“It’s become mandatory that each platform has its own built-in [digital] shop. So among those, which online shop is superior and offers the most incentive to buy from it? I would answer, ‘Steam.'”

“When someone opens Steam, depending on their purchase and viewing history, suggested titles pop up. And there are sales almost every day with massive deals.” Sakurai observed. “The changes vary, making me check in frequently.”

“I write this because on varying levels, I have complaints with every other online shopping format.” Sakurai said in conclusion. “While there are limitations for each platform, perhaps those in development of shopping apps could take a page from Steam’s playbook?”


Sakurai Once Again Says Smash Bros Could Be His Last Game

Understandably the pressure of developing Super Smash Bros for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has take its toll on its creator, Masahiro Sakurai. Famed for saying that he won’t make another Smash Bros game again, he took to his column in Weekly Famitsu to once again say that development has understandably been tough. However, he does admit that he’s very lucky to work on such a popular franchise.

Hello, Mr. Sakurai. It sounds like development of Smash Bros. was really, really hard. Reading your column sent shivers up my spine. I’ve never seen you so worn out. It made me appreciate the new Smash Bros. more than ever.”

“It was very tough this time around… I doubt I’ll be able to go on making games if it continues like this. But, I consider myself lucky that so many people seem to enjoy [Smash Bros.]”

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Super Smash Bros Was Possibly Going To Get A Rhythm Heaven Character And Dr Mario Stage

Super Smash Bros fans have discovered that the latest edition to the series was originally going to have a Rhythm Heaven character included. It was also discovered that a stage based on the Dr Mario series was also planned. Of course these could come at a later date as additional downloadable content, but Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has stated that he has no plans for DLC.

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Sakurai Talks About Why He Included Wii Fit Trainer And Villager In Super Smash Bros

No one really anticipated the arrival of Wii Fit Trainer and The Villager from Animal Crossing in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. In a recent interview with Nintendo Dream, Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai said that he wanted to have some fun new characters that have individual traits which he could expand upon. Here’s what he had to say about the inclusion of both characters.

ND: Not only guest characters were shocking, but Wii Fit Trainer as well. It was a character no one saw coming, right?

MS: Yes, that’s right. Zero, none… (laughs)

(everyone laughs)

MS: For Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it was discussed that non-combatant-like characters wouldn’t be added, but this time an important aspect of the concept was “if that character is included, could interesting things be done and could that fighter express individual traits?” When making this game, it was necessary to think very seriously “how to create new fun things”. I was able to think in my head the way how Wii Fit Trainer and Villager would operate so therefore they were included. Games must be completed properly, and in order to have fun gameplay for you and your opponent, each character has to have individuality. The present Smash Bros. was done by giving importance to that.

ND: By the way, did you realize Trainer as something to put into a Smash game at the time of the release of Wii Fit?

MS: No, that’s not the case. I don’t think about new characters etc. if I don’t have to for making a new Smash Bros. game.

Yes. Although I received consultation on events and such, the schedule of what gets announced and when all was decided beforehand. That is so things like deadlines for the movies were arranged accordingly.

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Sakurai Explains The Reason For Duck Hunt Joining The Battle In Super Smash Bros

Were you surprised that Duck Hunt Dog was included in the recent Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U? Well you will be interested to know that Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai says he was one of the first characters to be introduced at the very beginning of the project. Sakurai also explained that the shoot-em-up on the NES could be the most-sold shooting-game in the world, so Duck Hunt Dog was a natural inclusion.

The reason for Duck Hunt joining the battle
MS: You think Duck Hunt is a rather minor character, right?
ND: We…think so. (laughs)
Everybody: (laughs)
MS: Please try to have a look at the sales-numbers. It might be the most-sold shooting-game in the world. It might be because it came bundled with the NES outside of Japan, if you look at worldwide numbers you come up with a huge number. I thought to create a character based on that would be appropriate, so we included that character from the very beginning of the project.
ND: So it was a candidate all along for the whole Smash Bros.-franchise?
MS: No, that would be exaggerating…in past titles we had our hands full with the characters we included back then. Even if we had tried even harder back then we couldn’t have included it. But this time it was fun to do “Duck Hunt” and its shooting-like presentation. Like having a third person intervening the action, being able to say “It’s actually a trio” was fun. That’s how we finalized it during development of the concept, saying “That’s how we can make it work!”.

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Sakurai Explains The Reason Behind The Return Of Dr. Mario In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai recently had time to answer Super Smash Bros related questions with Japanese Nintendo publication, Nintendo Dream. During the interview Mr Sakurai explained the reasoning behind including Dr. Mario in the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U title. It’s certainly an interesting interview and you can read more of his answers, here.

“Actually all “Model-change”-characters that we have now were originally just supposed to be color-configurations. Just like the Little Mac-wireframe or how Olimar and Alph are included, we planned to just make the look and maybe the voice a possible configuration. But, when talking about Dr. Mario, including his abilities he had a lot of individuality in Melee compared to Mario. Also there were fans that said things like “I’m a doctor!”, or “A back-alley doctor!” when they chose the black color-config. When you have such fans and you just change the character-model and leave it at that and it becomes “The same as Mario”, we thought people might get angry (laughs). That’s why we forced ourselves and changed that. But, unlike we did in the past when we separately added abilities and monitored the results, this time we used the customization-system and entered the adjustment-process by starting with a “Mario that’s a bit heavier, with added attack-power”. Although even then it still took a lot of work. During the regular adjustment-process we have each fighter battle all others and try to grasp the “strong” and “weak” problem areas, but in this case we had Dr. Mario go against Mario and tried to adjust it so it would most likely result in a tie. We did the same for Marth and Lucina, as well as Pit and Black Pit.”

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