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Expect The Unexpected


There is currently a lot of speculation floating around the Internet as to the authenticity of the Wii brand name, many sharp eyed Internet users have noticed that Nintendo haven't yet registered Wii as a trademark.

In return, many highly regarded journalists are now evaluating wither or not the Wii name is going to be final name of the forthcoming Nintendo console or if indeed Nintendo is playing a rather cruel practical joke on it's array of die hard fans.

Why would they do this?

Well for starters if you have browsed many of the online forums scattered around the Internet you're bound to have seen the multitude of threads dedicated to the topic of Nintendo renaming its Revolution console to the Wii. The response that this has caused has been startling, as many gamers are up in arms over the name and this topic has therefore spread to other forums which have nothing to do with video gaming, which subsequently equals free publicity for Nintendo.

Non gamers are now starting to hear of the system and what it's going to offer gamers, which is something Nintendo need to do if they want to capture this market. They need to explain the benefits of owning the console to your average Joe who never plays and invest's in video games.

The old saying 'No publicity is bad publicity' rings true in this situation.

Another theory is that as we all know, Sony are set to provide the world with a hands on play of its next generation console the PlayStation 3 at E3, what better way for Nintendo to divert attention away from this by confirming to the relief of the gaming industry, its fan's and journalists that the name Wii, was in fact a practical joke on Nintendo's part.

With a company as unpredictable as Nintendo we know that anything is possible…

16 thoughts on “Expect The Unexpected”

  1. The first thing that came to my mind when I read that Nintendo is naming their new system “Wii” was Michelle… as in Michelle Wi, the teenage golfing guru. Maybe she’ll be Nintendo’s spokesperson!

  2. Ha, very intresting that she was the first thing that came to mind when you thought of the name Wii ; ).

    Though her name is infact Michelle Wie, but well in any case Nintendo wouldnt go wrong by having her aboard the Wii wagon. Who knows maybe she could promote the new golf game that is being produced for the Wii by Tecmo!

  3. Excellent.

    I expect we are going to be blown away once we see what kind of expierence the machine is going to offer us all.

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    1. Oh, there you are. :) I definitely found all ten of them on my own on my first try without any help at all from you. XD

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