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Wii Came, Wii Saw, And Wii Conquered.


This is hopefully what Nintendo will be saying about it's disruptive stance on the video game industry in two years time.

The future is without a doubt looking very positive for the company, who whilst angering staunch Nintendo supporters with the announcement of the Revolutions new name Wii, have created a fresh new brand that's ready to take the world by storm.

This time next year it will be as common and as indifferent as saying the word Ipod.

They don't even want the console to be referred to as the Nintendo Wii, but just as the 'Wii'. Wii as pronounced 'We'.

Nintendo appear to believe Wii to be such a strong brand name, that the company name doesn't even have to be mentioned, which reeks of confidence.

Nintendo's concept of bringing gamers together and creating new audiences, while creating new ways of playing is an admirable one, and an idea that is bound to create a huge impact on the video gaming industry in general as video gaming is, at it's core, all about fun.

If Nintendo can achieve it's vision of people from different age groups and backgrounds smiling, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves playing the Wii, then it will do more than just conquer, it will change peoples concepts of video gaming forever.

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