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Wii Ready To Roll?


Is the Wii ready to fall straight into hungry consumers hand's?

Well an unknown message board forum member seem's to think so.

A forum poster of the Ign Wii boards who goes by the alias 'Jawabreaker', claims that a Nintendo rep from the American chain 'Best Buy' accidentally let slip that the actual Wii hardware is in-fact complete, and that Nintendo are currently stockpiling them into warehouse's as we speak.

Now as a few of you will remember, a couple of months ago the image at the top of this article appeared, courtesy of a Nintendo promotional booklet that I believe was given away to students in Japan. It showed plenty of actual Wii units or possibly shells that had been manufactured.

If it is a case of the units actually being ready for consumers to purchase. Nintendo could find itself in a prime position against its arch enemy Sony who isn't expected to launch its PlayStation 3 console until November…

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