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Sickr and Sony

Right now I'm having a conflict…

As we know Sony's E3 press conference is going ahead in a hour or so and I'm not to sure wither to fill the pages of Sickr with PlayStation 3 news.

At the press conference this evening, Sony is expected to unveil the re-design for the PlayStation 3 controller, and give us the low down of what it's PlayStation 3 console can do for gamers.

As we know Sony is at the moment the dominant force in video gaming, having shifted more consoles in the previous generation than both Microsoft and veteran Nintendo.

Sony though has a problem, the problem is that it's electronic divisions outside of it's computer gaming departments are struggling, and the company desperately needs a hit.

If Sony doesn't, or cant live up to it's promises with it's next generation console, then the company is in very big trouble indeed…

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