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A new day and another new Wii rumour arises.

This time it's from the people at Mozlapunk, who are once again stirring up the rumour mill… As if it ever needed stirring.

According to this article on the site, Mozlapunk have recently spoken to a reliable source who claims that Nintendo's Wii console will be capable of displaying graphics that 'Will be visually on par with the Xbox 360 and may even exceed it slightly'. This has certainly got many gamers tongues wagging, as according to IGN they weren't expecting the consoles graphical performance to be anymore powerful than a slightly souped up Xbox console.

The gamers favourite IGN, reported a while back ago that it had spoken to some third party developers who were working on the Nintendo Wii system, and was told by them that the hardware that they were currently working on wasn't going to prove any competition to either Microsoft's Xbox 360, or Sony's PlayStation 3 in the graphical department.

Mozla's source is now contradicting this by announcing that the developer kits that IGN based it's theories on, weren't actually final development kits, and that the only developers who owned these kits are either second party developers or Nintendo themself's. The only third party company that Mozlapunk is aware of who have a final development kit is Square Enix, who are the developers behind Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and the hugely popular Dragon Quest series, both of which are Wii bound.
The question I'm sure your asking yourself is 'Why would Nintendo keep its third party developers in the dark about this?'. The reason may have something to do with the final secret for the Wii console, which according to Nintendo of America's Perrin Kaplan is still yet to be announced by the company. Though as always, we shall just have to wait and see.


  1. Exactly, as I’ve stated before anything is possible with a company such as Nintendo.. Hopefully more news on this topic will appear soon :D

  2. Bah.. I don’t realy think we should get our hopes up. Besides the graphics on display from games such as sonic WF and Mario were alot better than I was expecting anyway.

  3. In the current issue of the Official Nintendo magazine they state ‘You may be wondering why Red Steel looks like a real next gen game whereas the other games in the feature loook like Gamecube titles. Thats because developers are working from ‘Dolphin’ development kits, which are bassicaly Gamecube devkits.
    Final devlopment kits are expected just after E3.

  4. For those that don’t know about this… If you want next gen graphics all you really need is really good shader performace. So if these where indeed GC with higher clocks and not the real final GPU we could be in for a suprise if the shader out put is push to render shader tech similar to ps3 and xbox360.

    The key tech they need is in the holy grail of gaming…. the normal map… This is even in indie game engines…

    Go here to find out more…
    Scrool down to Distributed Computing Normal Map Generation Tooland behold the secret future of graphic tech and key to all future next gen games is reveiled….

    It’s funny but it seems nintendo is almost try to figure out where the balance is with shader tech and raw polygon power. This is something Ati has already figured out though raw power…. but if nintendo could do normal maps to a limited extent in res evil4 then the upgrade is going to be nice.

    Also keep in mind that the system’s spec don’t need to be high for it to meet the other system on even ground becuase most of their power will be used up trying to fill the screen with pixels… Even GT HD has pop-up and I bet your all wondering why? Because It’s not actualy throwing an ungodly amount of polygons on screen… It’s using the same tricks that could put the Wii in it’s league.

    This is all up to nintendo’s next step and could be the reason why they havn’t annouced a price yet… They may try to reveal that the final part of this sysrtem is a brand spanking new GPU that look like a dream at Standard def res… Which wouldn’t be that expensive really….

  5. Thanks for your knowledgeable insight.

    As you say, if this in Nintendo’s next step then gamers will certainly be in for a treat in regards to the overall graphical performance of the system.

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