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One of the great things about the Nintendo Ds is it's back catalogue of games, which consist of some genuinely unique titles.

Obvious titles such as the Brain Training Series and the ultra popular Nintendog franchise, have all given us console owners something refreshingly different to play, rather than the latest free roaming crime simulation. These games are commonly referred to as 'pick up and play' games, as the structure of these titles don't involve huge missions or quests, but more commonly ten minutes of your time. These are titles that you don't have to engross, and dedicate your life to if you want the game to become fun, and as with either game there is no start and finish so to speak off.

To capitalize on this, Nintendo have decided to round up its game's on the system that the company considers 'unique' and will begin branding them under the title 'Touch Generations'.

George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications made this statement on the companies decision:

"We remain committed to turning video games into an inclusive mass medium that everyone can enjoy.Touch Generations will help novices and newcomers identify the fun and uniquely engaging experiences that are available only on Nintendo DS"

To help identify these games, Nintendo has decided to brand these titles with a distinctive logo with which consumers can easily distinguish which games amongst the growing back catalogue of DS games are Touch Generation titles.

The company has also announced of it's plans to launch a multimillion-dollar campaign to get more and more consumers interested in video games. As part of its new found strategy it wishes to reach out to both gamers, and non-gamers with the touch generation series, and en-vigor a spark of fun and purpose into gaming.

Nintendo is looking to include seven titles into its Touch Generation series:

This can only be yet another good move for Nintendo, who has been looking to court both 'hardcore' gamers and 'casual gamers' on its systems since the companies announcement of the Ds.

By releasing the Touch Generation series will Nintendo finally be able to make its vision come true, or will these games prove to be a turn-off for the hardcore gamer? And more importantly, will the series achieve it's goal of attracting non-gamers/beginners to the roost?

This of course remains to be seen…


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