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Wii Registered Our Interest


It's that time of the week, yet again…

Yesterday I nipped into my place of work, as I had been informed by the manager that anyone who is interested in pre-ordering Nintendo's forthcoming Wii console should come in-store and 'register their interest'. Being someone who is eagerly awaiting the console much like some religious groups are awaiting the second coming of Christ, I snapped at the chance to join a small and orderly queue with which to sign my allegiance to the Nintendo side.

I then stared at the piece of paper on which we were asked to leave our contact details in disbelief… There were only three other people that had previously come in-store and registered their interest in Nintendo's little gem of a console.

Surprise, surprise they were all staff.

I stated my disbelief with the manager who then motioned for me to turn over the piece of paper on which I had left my contact details. It's then that my eyes roamed to the top of the paper and focused into the words 'PlayStation 3 interest' my eyes then scrolled down to the 30+ names that followed…

Though of course these are very early days, and what I put my name down onto wasn't the actual pre-order slips. But it certainly appears that Nintendo have a lot of promoting to do to attract those customers away from Sony's hype machine, and lead them towards Nintendo's fresh, new gaming experience.

2 thoughts on “Wii Registered Our Interest”

  1. In my experiences, games stores have large posters about the PS3. Basically saying that the console is coming soon, and to register your interest with a staff member today. I have yet to see any ones for the Wii. Hopefully that will change.

  2. At our store we now have Wii advertisement mats on the counter along with a small Wii poster by the Gamecube section telling customers to ‘register their intrest’.

    I’m not sure about other stores but as myself and most of my co-workers are huge Nintendo fans we shall be advertising the Wii as much as possible


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