Xbox 360, A Gamble?


Yesterday on the shop floor it was apparent that most customers were after one thing, and one thing alone; the Xbox 360.

As the first of the three next generation console's to enter the arena, I have spotted one noticeable thing amongst customers whilst informing them about the machine: they all seem rather weary of the console. Generally if you approach a customer who is looking at possibly purchasing a Xbox 360 it can take roughly 7-10 minutes to convince them to go to the till and make that purchase.

Now of course there are many reasons for this; firstly consumers are aware that there are other 'next generation' consoles on the horizon, all looking to go one better than the Microsoft Xbox 360. Secondly Microsoft have rather stupidly confused customers about why it has decided to bring out two different versions of its hardware, and thirdly the issue of the price point, £275 is a lot of money to be spending on a gaming machine. Can the customer really justify their purchase of the machine to the wife and kids? The answer is probably no. But in comparison to the recently announced price point of the PlayStation 3 (£425) the Xbox 360 seems a little more wallet friendly..

Naturally when customers enquire about the Xbox 360, one of the most likely questions to pop up is 'Will the PlayStation 3 be better'. Of course at this stage no-one is positive that it will be. Graphically yes, it is more powerful, but better? Only time will tell. But through customer feedback the ones who purchased the machine seem thoroughly impressed with their buy, though the common running theme is that the launched titles failed to impress. This needn't be a cause of worry though as the wave of second generation titles for the machine looks to truly make up for this. Though at the moment purchasing an Xbox 360 is like most things in life, a gamble.


  1. I do feel a bit sad for those who are “settling” for an XBox 360. I would seriously at this point recommend that folks either pick up a PS2, Gamecube or original XBox instead. Because I have not seen any significant difference between X360 games and recent released on the previous generation.

  2. As I continously tell customers, now is the perfect time to pick up the original Xbox system.

    We have mountains of pre-owned Xbox games, a lot of which are classics and selling at a very cheap price point. The console itself is only retailing for £49.99. Bargain.

    Why play a bunch of mediocre next generation games, when you can play classic last generation games that look almost as good, at a fraction of the cost….

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