PSP Vs Ds In-Store Battle


While working yesterday it became quite apparent that Sonys handheld the PSP is running a neck and neck race with Nintendo’s Ds Lite sales-wise.

For some reason (possibly the great weather) the portable gaming and media device seems to be flying off store shelves at an unprecedented rate, leaving the poor Ds Lite almost trailing in its wake. As most people know, the PSP really has yet to shine, wiith its unmatched graphical prowess and plenty of media capability’s, the machine is screaming for a developer to take full advantage of it.

Currently we have a fantastic deal on the console which has been running for the past few weeks. This deal consists of a ‘white’ PSP, 32mb memory card and a choice of two games for the rather reasonable price of £179.99. Though on the Nintendo Ds we have a Ds Lite and a choice of one of eight games for £109.99, and I think this is where the problem lies.

You see our rival store which is literally next door to us has a far better deal. Their promotion consists of a Ds Lite and any game for £109.99, and yes, that bundle includes New Super Mario Bros, certainly the game of the moment and deservedly so. Why are we not bundeling our systems with this game? The response I recieved from my manager is that the profit margin is to low. If we continue to take this viewpoint and our deal doesn’t change soon, then we are gradually going to find it becoming harder and harder to shift and sell DS Lites, whilst next door snatch all our prospective customers, and rightly so…

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