StarFox Command


Finally some fresh new titbits of information have surfaced regarding Fox McCloud and company’s latest adventure for the Nintendo Ds.

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu recently revealed more snippets about the title as it’s nearing its final release date of August 3rd (Japan). Firstly the game said to fully support force feedback via the Ds rumble pack, to help give that extra feeling of immersion in the game when your fighting head on with enemy fighters.

Another snippet of information regarding the length of the game has also been revealed, with the title consisting of ‘more than thirty stages’. These levels much like the previous games in the series, will be set in various scenic locations such as, fiery caves, space deserts and asteroid fields. All of which should help leave nostalgic players feeling right at home.

And finally not wanting to be left behind, Star Fox Command is set to fully utilize the Ds Wi-Fi feature for it’s multitude of multiplayer games.

The game hasn’t at present be given a confirmed UK release date, but with the American version being released August 28th, expect your local import store to be rather busy come the day of release.




  1. *cries* I want that one so badly too… this is pure torture, you know! But at the end we will end up with a wide deluxe catalogue to chose from! YAY NINTENDO YAY!

  2. I hope that this will be a return to form for the Starfox series. The Gamecube versions were pretty poor.

    I can’t wait to have wi-fi dogfights (or should taht be foxfights? Geddit?)

  3. Yeah the last iteration of the StarFox franchise was rather poor to be honest.

    Hopefully this time the series will be put back on track.

    I’m eager to see how this turns out, and being a big fan of StarFox I’m anxiously awaiting its release.

    Lets hope it turns out to be a winner.


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