IGN Entices With More Wii Rumours


Online rumours regarding Nintendo’s forthcoming home video game console the Wii, have showed no signs of slowing down of late.

This time the rumours come from the genuinely reliable gaming publication IGN, who at the time of speaking have pulled the related news item from their pages, presumably in the interest of protecting its sources. The first piece of information IGN have made publicly available is that the Wii is set to launch in two colours, black or white.

IGN’s sources also made the inevitable comments about the systems launch date, with their current predictions being either November 2nd or November 12th. Again, it has been widely speculated that the machine will make its debut in the wintry month of November, though as of the present no firm release date has been given by Nintendo.

In regards to the Wii’s retail price, the sources at IGN believe that the system will launch with a $229 price tag in the United States. This price point been branded around many times before, though many American gamers were expecting the revolutionary console to launch at $199.99.

Finally the last rumour that surfaced was in regards to whether or not the Wii will be region free. If the console is set to be region free as Ign have stated, then it would cause great celebration amongst console owners, who in the past have been shunned by the company in regards to some truly great titles.

As ever all these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt, though that’s still not to say that they aren’t true…



  1. Black or white… :? It’ll be out on Nov 2nd in my opinion, it’d give it great headstart over the PS3. As for the price, I’d say it’ll be $219.99.

  2. I’ll get the white version with two controllers and a few games (Wii Sports, Zelda, Red Steel)hopefully I’ll be able to get them as part of a bundle pack. I remember some great bundle packs for the DS launch.

  3. Yeah some of the bundels on the Ds weren’t to shabby.

    I would imagine we will be informed of any bundels before the launch, so I will make sure I keeo you all informed.


  4. Yup, it’s also going to be the white Wii for me.

    Mainly due to me purchasing the sleek white Ds Lite, though the white Wii will also match my computer cabinet.

  5. I think the white Wii looks best, but I’ll probably get two white controllers and two black ones. There both stylish but the Apple-esque white is just too great.

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