Trauma Center Confirmed By Developer As Wii Launch Title


Altus the developers behind the well received surgery sim Trauma Center, sent out a press release yesterday informing eager gamers that the title is still on track as a launch title for the Wii.

The game which is set to be an updated remake to the popular Ds title Trauma Center: Under The Knife, is set to be another addition to the ever growing number of launch titles expected to debut with the Wii later this year. The game itself is shaping up to become perfect fodder for the Wii, with the titles precise surgery cuts, and procedures handled with precision and care via the innovative control scheme of the Wii.

In the company’s press release, Altus stated: “First, Trauma Center: Second Opinion was confirmed as a launch title for Nintendo’s new, highly anticipated console—Wii, which is poised to take the video game world by storm in the fourth quarter of 2006. This robust “Wii-make” of Under the Knife features new graphics and, new surgical implements and operation types, a second playable character with all-new missions, multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels, and a revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote and Nunchuk-style controller”.

With more and more titles being confirmed for the launch of the Wii, it’s certainly going to be a battleground for smaller developers to get their titles noticed amongst some of the bigger names. Altus shouldn’t have this problem here though, as the game is looking set to become another worthy addition to the Wii’s potential collection of classic, and truely innovative titles. Hopefully this will prove to be an all round must have title for the system, and not just with hardcore gamers.



  1. I’m also quite looking forward to this title as I’ve still yet to play Under The Knife.

    Recently I’ve been considering purchasing it for my Ds, though I may hold back and purchase it for the Wii instead.

    It certainly sounds like a good idea providing users with mulitple difficulty settings, as there’s nothing more fustrating than a rock hard game.

  2. Too many great launch titles, how will I manage!? Anyway, love the new look, it’s very… blue. Blue is good.

  3. Ha, thanks for the feed back buddy. I’m hoping people take to the ‘new look’. :D

    Yeah I’m now starting to question my choices in regards to what titles I plan to pick up at the Wii launch.

    I know when it comes down to it I’m going to struggle to make up my mind, though of course thats all part of the fun.

  4. I’ll definitely give this one a look. I’ve yet to play the DS version, but I’ve heard a lot of praise for the game. I’ll hold off until Second Opinion now, but I’ll probably get this game when there’s little else out. My launch money is going towards Red Steel, Zelda and Wii Sports.

    I heard that there’s 27 confirmed launch titles…

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