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Nintendo Wii: American And Japanese Launch Details Emerge


After months of fictitious rumor and speculation, today the final release dates and pricing of the upcoming Nintendo Wii have been dramatically unveiled for both the American and Japanese territories.

The console is set to debut in the America’s initially with a November 19th release date stated by Nintendo and will retail for the very reasonable price of $250. The Wii is also set to include a copy of Wii Sports bundled in the package which also includes one Wii controller, nunchuck extension and the Wii sensor bar.

The Japanese are set to receive the console two weeks later than the Americans; though to soften the blow the console will retail for the slightly cheaper price of 25,000 Yen but won’t include a copy of Wii Sports. Japan will also see the inclusion of 16 titles available at the systems launch with pricing which will range from 4800 Yen – 6800 Yen.

At today’s press conference Virtual Console titles also received a look in with around 30 titles mentioned to be available for download at the Wii launch, these titles include classics such as the Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong franchises. Pricing for the retro titles was also announced with Nes titles priced at 500 Yen, Snes titles 800 Yen and N64 titles 1000 yen.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: American And Japanese Launch Details Emerge”

  1. I bet tomorrow they will say how Europe gets the wii next year . Too bad the game I wanted to get with my wii is up to 2007 , metroid prime 3.

    Still thanks for that new press site info mate , I really liked the sonic rings info and the pictures just look incredible .

    Good thing I can get both sonics now I got a 360 too :).

  2. As I stated before in another post my fingers are extremely tightly crossed that we will see the Wii this side of Christmas in Europe. I think it will prove to be a huge mistake on Nintendo’s part if they ignore Europe until next year.
    No probs in regards to the press site, if anyones intrested the logg in for the Nintendo Press Site is User: guest Password: nintendo

  3. man i didnt know until now that the peeps in japan dont get sports with their wii like wii do (ha ha..) so were fricken lucky!!!! anyways good luck to the people that havent gotten their wii yet (un like me. i got one!!!) later peeps!!!!!!

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