The Toyko Gameshow ‘Best Of The Show’ Awards


Well today was, and is, the final day of the extravagant Tokyo Gameshow which has subsequently provided many highlights in relation to what gamers can expect to see later this year, and far into the next on current, and next generation consoles.

Nintendo as usual forfeited the event to host its own series of press conference’s to show off the companies forthcoming Wii console, but that didn’t stop one of the Wii’s innovative looking launch titles; Elebits from receiving an accolade.

The exceptionally vibrant title managed to acquire a ‘best-in-show award‘, alongside ten other extremely well received titles which were voted for by the hordes of Japanese game-playing attendees.

The following are titles that along with Elebits also showed ‘particular promise’ according to the committee which was chaired by University Professor Emeritus Takeshi Yoro:

  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Phoenix Wright) (DS)
  • Gran Turismo HD (PS3)
  • The Eye Of Judegement (PS3)
  • Seiken Densetsu 4 (Dawn Of Mana) (PS2)
  • Tales Of Destiny (PS2)
  • Blue Dragon (Xbox 360)
  • Heavenly Sword (PS3)
  • Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (PSP)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP)
  • Lost Planet (Xbox 360)


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