New Smash Bros Footage To Debut At Nintendo World 2006


Nintendo World 2006 is set to play host to exclusive new footage of Masahiro Sakurai latest masterpiece Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

The news was made publicly available via the the official Japanese Super Smash Brothers Web site which states that the forthcoming Nintendo World 2006 event will be the first time eager gamers will be able to witness new characters such as Metal Gears Solid Snake, and Metroids Zero Suit Samus in real-time game footage.

The highly anticipated Nintendo World 2006 event is due to take place in Japan in three different locations, which take place on four separate dates: Nagoya on November 3, Osaka on November 12, and Makuhari Messe November 25 – home of the infamous Toyko Gameshow.

What will come as a disappointment to many is that the title won’t be playable at the event, but much like it was at E3 the event will be broadcast on large display Televisions providing gamers with captivating footage, which is sure to get the adrenaline pumping for the soon-to-be-announced release date.



  1. Its been way too long since the last footage. When did they show the one and only piece of footage so far? may? Pitiful. THis new stuff had better be good.

  2. I’m convinced that both Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto are once again set to exceed expectations and subsequently and blow us all away with their latest opus. I can’t wait :)

  3. You guys might laugh at me but… I have never played
    ‘melee’ and have only played the original version on the N64 (not that great). But I am really excited for this game because it really seems to offer more.

    How much did you guys like the Gamecube version (Melee)?


  4. If you’ve got a Gamecube I’d suggest running down to your local store and picking up a copy of Super Smash Brothers: Melee ASAP. Yup it’s that good, especially in multiplayer mode. :D

  5. Yup, melee was fantastic, and this has caught my attention, seeing as the third of November is this friday.

  6. Yup, no doubt I’ll be glued to the computer screen anxious for any new Wii information to pop up, as well as the trailer for the next iteration of the Smash Brothers franchise.

  7. I cannot wait to see the new characters in action! I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that if another 3rd party character is going to make an apppearence it’s going to be Sonic.

  8. I’d have to agree with you there. After Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he was currently in talks with Sega, and with Sega’s flagship mascot’s ‘cool factor’ rapidly going down the drain I believe Sega will realize that this title has the potential to make Sonic ‘cool’ again.

  9. I seriously doubt that Sonic’s popularity is going down the drain. Even horrible Shadow the Hedgehog sold loads (2 million I believe) and that was a crap game, the license is still strong.
    Also, both next-gen Sonic games look ace (Sonic the Hedgehog PS3/X360 and Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii).
    They don’t need to put Sonic in a Smash Bros games to make him ‘cool’. :lol:

  10. I was really referring to Sonic’s credibility. Yes the franchise continues to sell well, but I’m afraid to say the series isn’t as highly regarded as it once was. Though you are correct; Sonic and The Secret Rings looks like a step in the right direction for the series. Infact it’s constantly shifting higher, and higher up my ‘most wanted’ list :)

  11. Definitely! Both Sonic titles are shaping up rather nicely, though Secret Rings has the definitive edge. Reverting back to the ‘old skool’ Sonic formula is in my opinion the way forward for the much loved franchise. Can’t wait to see how it turns out :)

  12. Another interesting thing is that Sega supposedly went and shifted half their PS3 devs from PS3 to Wii over the summer, so we can probably expect more Sega on the Wii. And hopefully this increased Wii effort will be reflected in Sonic and the Secret Rings.
    I’d also bet that Yuji Naka’s first game with his new independent studio, PROPE, will be on the Wii.

  13. It’s rumoured that that’s exactly what his first game is going to be.
    Back during the Saturn days, they were working on a game called Air NiGHTS which used motion sensing technology that would work with the Saturn analog controller and you’d control NiGHTS that way. It’s rumoured that this might be what they’re working on right now.
    Hmmm I wonder where they can find a motion sensing controller? :D

  14. The rumours of a new Nights title have been doing the rounds for a while, but sadly no firm news has surfaced on its development. I was hoping for some at E3 but alas nothing. It’s a complete long-shot, but maybe we will hear something about the rumoured title at the upcoming Nintendo World event.

  15. super smash bros brawl is awsume!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can beat 16 year olds. I’m 10. I got all nintendo toys, nintendo costumes, nintendo playsets, nintendo games, and nintendo weapons from ssbm and other games. I’ll play as mario. I beated my big brothers friends! I’m getting that game and my big bro is helping me get it.I want shadow mario in the game I AM GETTING THAT GAME!

  16. you too.I already taught mario how to use 4 friend taj is good at playing as link. although, I haven’t played against him because his gamecube broke.

  17. Hmm, that’s a tricky question. It’s a tie between either Pikachu or Kirby, though it my opinion they’re both awesome! I’m looking to get more into the franchise once the Wii edition comes out, as I didn’t have that much play time with Melee unfortunately.

  18. I like kirby also. I alrady saw the gameplay of brawl. I play melee alot. every teen in my big bros school always want to be on my team in the game.

  19. Sounds like you’re quite the guy to beat when it comes down to Smash Bros action. You should post some Smash Bros action on Youtube.

  20. That’s a shame dude, well we shall have to duel it out sometime on Brawl once it’s released, though by the sounds of it I’d better get practising already :)

  21. He hasn’t been confirmed, but last I’d heard on the matter Miyamoto was in talks with Sega. If any further news surfaces I’ll make sure I let you know :)

  22. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Luigi are my favorite characters. I hope Donkey Kong and Luigi can come back. And I want Diddy Kong to appear in Brawl.

  23. Well, I only want to wait for Donkey Kong to come back. Donkey Kong better appear otherwise, Brawl will be ruined.

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