Nintendo Wii Discs: Legend Of Zelda – Up Close And Personal


Sporting an extremely intricate laced design, the disc based product that’s set to captivate many hearts this Christmas stands head and shoulders above its competition.

Yes, the actual Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess disk was recently displayed in all its full naked glory to many shocked revellers who stood a-gasp staring helplessly at its elaborate and convoluted form.

Encased within the glass enclosure it stands as a testament to just how much care and undivided love and attention Nintendo’s show-piece has received throughout its many years in development.


  1. that is indeedy a sexy looking piece of kit! whats the other disc? is it for the controller to be set up or something? or for the sports game?

  2. Since the mini-games that come with the purchase of the Wiimote look quite “basic” I hope we can simply copy them to the flash drive and not actually have to put in the dvd each time.

    Do you guys agree?

  3. Another thing, did you guys read about the “PlayStation 3 firmware update” newsbit which states that some games NEED this in order to play. Imagine if someone purchased a game that needs an update in the future and doesn’t have online access. That person won’t be able to upgrade their firmware and thus “WON’T” be able to play their game!!! Am I making sense or did I read that wrong?

    – Laterz

  4. It sounds like a good idea in theory but in practise I can’t see Nintendo letting consumers do that, as it opens up all kinds of copyright wrangling. Sad but true.

  5. Hi!!,sorry this is off topic but when u pre-order does it matter if you were the 50th person to pre-order it, but you could be first in line the day it comes getting mine from HMV on oxford street,london.
    Thanks in advance

  6. And you post this just to make me cry?
    I’m seriously going to get a Wii ASAP. I’ve waited for Twilight Princess long enough!
    “Hey, our plan is working!” -Nintendo

  7. Hey ‘slebh’ if you’ve put down a deposit and therefore reserved a unit with HMV, then it shouldn’t matter where you are in the queue, you should automatically be guaranteed a unit. That’s how it works at the store I work at, if you’ve thrown down a deposit then you’ve got yourself a system.

  8. Hi everyone.
    With the launch of the Nintendo Wii just around the corner, will you purchase one?
    If so, what are you most looking forward to about the system?

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