PlayStation 3 Vs Nintendo Wii: The Game Cases

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Whilst one console sports a design that’s reminiscent of the style and flair of an Apple product, the other resembles a shiny matt black George Foreman grill, but how do the game cases compare for each competing console?

Well the PlayStation 3 game casing made its début via online gaming publication IGN yesterday, and truth be told didn’t initially impress. Coming across as a hybrid, encompassing design flair from both the PSP and the PlayStation 2 the game casing looked, well, rather cheap with an obvious plastic feel to it – not really the show-piece you want for a console costing in excess of four hundred pounds.

Now to the other extreme we have the Nintendo Wii game casing, something that’s sure to turn the heads of the more image concious consumer out there. Taking design cues from Steve Jobs himself, the Wii game casing looks as though it was a direct fusion of Nintendo’s unabashed love for Apple, and it’s overall love for simplicity, therefore creating what many will see as a break through for game-case design.

PlayStation 3 box-art

Nintendo Wii box-art


  1. Well, at the end of the day the cases don’t make me want to buy any games. But that is just me.

    I did have to laugh at the George Foreman grill description. :D

  2. Completely off topic but i figured you’d be the guy to ask. Will the DS Wifi stick jiggy work with the Wii?

  3. Ha, what can I say I’m a sucker for style :)

    With regards to your question Jay the answer is yes, you can use the DS Wi-FI usb connector with the Wii. Certainly good news for the majority of people who lack a wireless router.

  4. I thought of the George Foreman grill as soon as I first saw the PS3. Now a grill would be a cool add on to a console, dont you think?

  5. Ha I’m sure with the intensive power of those cell processors, and the in-built power block, the PlayStation 3 will be more than capable of cooking up some rather tasty edible treats ;)

  6. Yes, you are right about the design and how the PS3 looks stupid, but I don’t care what it looks like a long as it has some sweet graphics.

  7. Well my manager recently got to go hands on with the Wii at a recent conference and was pleasantly surprised at just how intuitive, and easy to use the Wii controller was.

  8. So you Wii fanboys run out of ideas to attack the PS3?

    At the end, in 2 years you guys are gonna be complaining about how bad the graphics are and all these dumb mario games, while ill be enjoying my PS3 and enjoying the new games that keep on growing and getting better due to the capable blu ray and the beautiful cell processor.

    Damn i just saw a subaru wrx sti, so im off! enjoy your pathetic wii’s

  9. You’re one poor misguided individual my friend.

    Keep feeding yourself those illustrious thoughts whilst playing your over-priced PlayStation 3, I’ll be too busy experiencing true innovation, and more importantly real fun to actually care ;)

  10. lol 500 quid and up for a ps3 when you can get a wii for 180 with an amazing kick ass controller and a back catlogue of nearly all the old nes snes and megadrive games these are only to name a few of what the wii can do

  11. Each console has its individual benefits which are going to entice consumers, but I personally find it hard to compare a console which costs £420 against a console that costs £180.

  12. as nintendo has clearly stated they are not competeing with either sony or microsoft, therefore you cant say ‘ooo the ps3 is better’ its like comparing your subaru impreza wrx sti with a smart car!!! each has their individual jobs, and each do it very well and they can co-exist with each other and everybody is happy and its a beautiful thing

  13. your right, playstation 3 is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY overpriced, but wut it can do, the money is definatley worth it

  14. The PlayStation 3 is capable of displaying some impressive graphical prowess and also of delivering unsuppressed multimedia capability’s (for a home console). But at the end of the day it’s the games that count, and at this precise moment there’s currently nothing out that I believe justifys the £425 price tag. That’s just my personal opinion :)

  15. hehehe true fact about the games… for sure graphics impress and all, but its just for a moment.. its like PSP everyone prefers DS cause there’s much more games of much greater quality… PS was never capable of making Awesome consistent games like Nintendo, Microsoft or Sega..

  16. I think you all wrong to fight over this stupid argument! Everyone likes different things! Exapmple : half of the owrld like ps3 and half of the world likes the wii. But it doesn’t matter, we all are different and it is just the way we live! Get it got it! Good!

  17. (Forget the last comment…) The dude is right about Nintendo, They sell better quality games than the ones on Playstation (or shall I say GayStation). NINTENDO is the King of games and is good at everything, but graphics. Unless it shows us that Wii can have better graphics than GayStation like the N64 did years ago… Think about it..
    Word of the Wise.

  18. I Have To Admit……
    You have no RIGHT to say the playstation 3 controller is worse then the Wii’s controller
    -Heard What happened To the PS1?
    1)simple shape buttons, and the up down right left buttuns
    2)Came as first, but With analog
    3)Then with shock


    Wii Dosnt Have DVD Playback, Or High Definition
    :) Now is the 200 worth it?

  20. Everyone likes differnt things so i am not going to pick on the wii. If that’s what you like that’s cool. But for you to put down another consule just because you like something else better is stupid (whoever said gaystation is an idioit) i honestly think the ps3 is a much better buy, and of course it will cost alot it has blu-ray go out and price a blu-ray dvd player there 800-1000 dollars, so 600 dollars for a ps3? not so bad after all eh? ps3 has a much wider future then a wii but if thats what you like then go for it

  21. Sorry to spark a war here but have any of you PS3 fanboys tried a Wii? I mean sat down with one for more than 10 minutes and done more than looking at it; more than examining graphic specs on a website? Why don’t you try getting somewhere in Wii Sports (and how many games came in your PS3 box btw? or was that an additional $60-80)

    The following systems had much better graphics than the leading Nintendo system at the time and they are ALL DEAD NOW:
    Game Gear (killed by B&W Game Boy)
    Atari Linx
    Sega Genesis 32X
    Turbo Grafix 16 (but you can play the games on a Wii)
    Atari Jaguar
    The list goes on and on

    In terms of Blue-Ray … aren’t any of you old enough to remember the last time Sony tried this with Beta? Who has a Beta machine at home? Who had one in 1990?

    Fact is … Graphics get the hardcores … sure. Nintendo gets everyone else (I don’t need a series of exceptions like “my sister is 6 and loves PS3 … stupid lam0r” exceptions don’t make the rule the majority does)

  22. Man, forget all these past Sony examples of failure and Nintendo examples of successes. The fanboy way is to use the past to validate company lines of the present, and that doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s clear some things up.

    Nintendo used to be a consistent games maker. Today the only franchises that are still made in-house are the console Marios and Zeldas that come out once every 3-4 years. The rest of it is either 2nd party (Metroid) or shelled out to outside companies (Capcom, Artoon). Microsoft has no 1st parties working on Xbox games (they do Windows stuff), only 2nd parties.

    Nintendo has always excelled in graphics. If you stop and take a look at the games for one moment rather than what your forum compatriot says, you’d see that Nintendo are masters of visual artistry in games. No one tops them. Obviously an opinion, but one that’s hard to argue against.

    Graphics have always been a strong point of their home consoles up until Wii. And i hope they take advantage of Wii like they took advantage of all their other systems’. They choose style over substance, and you can tell by looking at their entire history of 1st party games, from Zelda (1) to Zelda (TP).

    Nintendo has their audience, Sony has their audience. They hardly overlap. Graphics don’t get the hardcores, they get anyone. Graphics are inportant because they’re the first thing you can gauge in a game.

    Some of you are what make liking games so embarrassing.

  23. hey you guys are stupid the ps3 is going to be awesome but im more a zeld fan so im geting the wii but im also geting ps3. se the ps3 has better graphics but the wii has better games plus its not realy the graphics of the game its the story line of the game

  24. I don’t think that the Wii can be compared to anything, it’s totally different. The real argument is Xbox 360 and Ps3. Wii is its own thing and will be that until someone copys there remote tech. But to me it 360 all the way

  25. I don’t have either system. But, if you think that having dvd playback capability is great then think about this. Both systems have mechanical parts that wear down through use. So, do you really want to play dvds on your gaming machine or would you rather use a cheaper dvd player that can be easily replaced. It’s like those TV’s with built in dvd players. when the dvd breaks you are left with just a TV with a broken component that can’t be removed and you’ll just have to buy another player anyway.

  26. ps3 has a million times better graphics than wii.
    wii is cheaper than ps3 buy loads so ps3 is obviously better. if u like cheap and repetative fun for a year of 2 buy the wii. if u want the futre of gaming and tuns and tuns of extras, get the ps2.(ps3 has 60gb, wii has like 20 or sumin)

  27. do u know ne thing about the wii? it has 512MB of memory but for its uses that is plenty and it has the SD card slot for expantion. yes the ps3 has better grafics and that is what the extra $$$ is. The wii has a totaly new control style which is what makes it good. I dont know if you have played much nintendo but anyone who has knows that the games are really fun and get old very slowly. Now im sure Ps3 has great fun games(i have played one of them)too. Compareing the wii and ps3 is like compareing a PC and a palm pilot…sure there the same type of things but they are also totaly different(palms are smal PCs big,palm=touch screen, PC=Monitor)

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