Nintendo Wii: Limited Edition Zelda:Twilight Princess Boxset


An intrepid congregation of Nintendo fans are likely to descend upon their local Target store today in a bid to get their hands upon an elusive Twilight Princess collectors edition box-set.

The highly prized and endeared official collectors edition box-set includes an impressive 1/6th scale replica of Link’s bona-fide sword, and also comes equipt with the heroes trusty Hylian shield.

Also included within this ultimately impressive package is a certificate of authenticity, and the official game soundtrack, all of which are shrouded within a full-colour box with ‘faux-velvet flocking’.

The pricing of such a highly regarded object as this retails for the ever-so-reasonable sum of $40. But of course, expect this to fetch far higher prices on the ever popular Internet auction site Ebay.



  1. I saw this somewhere on JoyStiq, but once again I couldn’t access everything from my high school. A lot of Nintendo fanboys are talking about this accessory right now. They’re even thinking about dying their hair blond and start wearing green tunics… Damn my high school’s weird, good thing I made the club to keep all the “normal” people like myself from the “uglies” as we call them. Oh well, back to the cult o_O.

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