Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Provide System Update


A fairly prompt patch is currently available for Wii owners who wish to tweak the default parental controls for their system.

The integral system update is available immediately for any Wii owner that’s connected to the Word Wide Web via Nintendo’s Wii Connect 24 system.

Though parental controls are currently available for the system out of the box, this new patch further refines the options at hand for instinctively devoted parents.



  1. Interesting to see no game locking ala the 360. Maybe this will come after the Wii receives some more mature titles? Or maybe Nintendo will leave it up to parents to monitor what their children are playing.

  2. Apparently this update also cut off the “support” for the hack that let you modify some settings and browse the internet through the WiiShop channel. The hack was shown here:
    Browser “Hack” with Perl nph-proxy. See what Digg is like on the Wii.

    The update “break” was confirmed here:
    Wii Wii Update last night killed the internet hack

    I guess Nintendo didn’t want people browsing around before the Opera browser comes out. :)

  3. Wow, thanks for the heads-up on that. I’d noticed people were hacking the online store for use as a web browser for the Wii. Looks as though Nintendo are keeping an scrupulous eye on its Wii Connect 24 users ;)

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