Nintendo DS: Dragon Quest IX Announced


Revered developer Level 5 announced yesterday that a new addition to the quintessential Dragon Quest franchise is set to adorn the Nintendo Ds sometime next year.

In true Level 5 style the game is set to be fully 3 dimensional, whilst taking full advantage of the Ds’es exclusive capability’s. The game is set to include action-based battles and online options which will see up to four people team up to defeat foes.

The renowned individual at the helm of the project is legendary Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii who’s adamant of his desire to make the game ‘a true part of the series’, rather than a spin off of the widely respected franchise.

The exemplary role playing series has gained a impressive cult following in its native homeland of Japan, so once the title dawns expected an unprecedented scale of devastation to ripple its way through the land of the rising sun.


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