Nintendo Wii: Nights Into Dreams Rumours Continue


An abundance of information regarding Sonic Teams influential and infamous platforming adventure has yet to appear, but the eagerly awaited sequel to Nights Into Dreams is still rumoured to be making an appearance on the Nintendo Wii.

Unrenowned Japanese website G-Rev has the illustrious title listed as one of the forthcoming attractions due to arrive on the Nintendo Wii in the near-future, something that was discovered by the intrepid folks over at Silicon Era.

Although very little is known about the title, or whether or not it’s even being developed, many are hoping to see Sega’s premier and critically acclaimed franchise arrive on the Wii as either a full blown sequel to the original, or as a remake.



  1. It’s a truly amazing game, and one of the few titles that I can honestly say took my breath away when I first laid hands on it. The fluidity and the sense of freedom felt unparalleled at a time when 2D titles where the norm. A sequel would have to be something truly special, as ruining this franchise would be extremely disheartening.

  2. this might seem a bit stupid, but, i never played this game before… is it any good? what type and what is it about? Can anyone tell me what is it about? cause it looks cool and yeah i’m curious…

  3. hey Sickr and people, u guys know how there’s loads of speculation and criticism on the new consoles. well, do u guys reckon the Wii will be leading the market for the next years? and when do u guys think a new console from Nintendo might come? this is nothing solid but interesting to think of. i mean Wii has done well but it was holiday season. and yeah just thinking about what might happen in the next few years… imagine a HD Wii with surround sound… that would be awesome… hehehe…
    See yas

  4. Without a shadow of a doubt I’m 100% convinced that the Wii will dominate this new generation of video games consoles.
    I’ve fathomed this during play sessions in which I’ve encompassed people I generally wouldn’t associate to play video games (such as my family and friends) and subsequently watched them having the time of their life. Seeing these peoples reactions once they get ahold of Wii Sports conclusively informs me that the Wii will change the face, and the demographics, of video gaming forever.

  5. good answer.. yeah i think that too, but anyways good to think how things will turn out be like in the future. i think Nintendo will know the right time to apply new technologies. also i’ve heard that their already developing a New DS, but not to be released any time now. maybe they might try something new on this DS so they can try to apply a new technology to the next console…

  6. When the sequel is announced by somebody at Sega themselves, then I’ll take this seriously. Rumours of a sequel have been floating around since the day the Saturn died. The game would rock with the Wii-remote though…

  7. This is completely subjective… but…
    Yuji Naka has stated in numerous interviews that he wishes NOT to make a NiGHTS sequel.

    I find the Wikipedia article to be somewhat misleading, in only presenting the positive things he has said about making a sequel. If you find and read the interviews with him, you’ll see that he’s quite negative about it. He says the only way he could ever make another sequel, were if it were a TRUE sequel, not just an increase in graphics and levels.

    I don’t understand why this game keeps getting rumors of a sequel when Yuji Naka himself has stated that he DOESN’T want to make a sequel.

    Secondly, why in the hell would G.Rev be in charge of its production? Yes, I understand they possess quite a bit of technical expertise (being programming consultants for Ikaruga, Gradius V, and generally kings of NAOMI ports for the Dreamcast)….. but to me, it doesn’t seem like Yuji Naka would be the kind of person to let up on a title he was so deeply involved in. If you ever read about it, Naka was pretty strict about his team. On several occasions, he has pulled the plug on the American Sega team on Sonic projects… he pretty much has ruled with an iron fist. Sonic 3 was made by the Japanese employees of Sega Technical Institute housed here in the US. Not only that, he was extremely pissed when work on Sonic Xtreme was being done using his NiGHTS engine without his express permission.

    However, I may be completely wrong. Since he left Sega Team to form his own team… it could be entirely possible that Sega would allow Sonic Team, or one of it’s other 2nd parties to develop such a game….. and as such, G.Rev would make a good choice for placing on a home console….

    Still, Naka’s own team, Prope, is STILL somewhat of a second party. 10% of their funding comes from Sega, so long as Sega gets the first dibs as their publisher. And seeing as Prope is made up of a core of Sonic Team employees…. it’s difficult to imagine the extreme case of them having Sonic Team, or another internal group, developing a NiGHTS sequel…

    In short, do you guys understand why I’m highly doubting all of this? NiGHTS was a deep project of Yuji Naka’s, a monumental product for Sonic Team, and a product that would only get a sequel through the creator’s express intent…

    I mean, do you see how it all doesn’t add up? How could Sega let a completely outside 3rd party develop one of its biggest titles? This isn’t even consultation, according to the rumors, this is going to be a development by G.Rev…..

    It doesn’t make sense…
    I want a NiGHTS sequel as badly, if not more badly than most people. However, starting wild rumors is just going to break the hearts of people who truly want it, rather than inspiring developers to make a game.

  8. Ha! That logo is not official, it’s fan art made by this talented lady.

    Aaand as always when there’s rumors like this, I’ll remain skeptical until it’s actually announced.

  9. alright guys sega has invited me and a few others to their huilding headquarters in san francisco and yes they are making NiGHTs most likely for the Wii. I dont know how good graphics on the Wii is but the graphics they showed us for the game looked like ps3 or 360 type of graphics, they told us it is not a sequel or a remake, kinda like what they did to ninja gaiden on xbox. well every thing is quite the same as the saturn version but better graphics and character wise. but this time instead of the blue hair guy its a little kid with blonde like hair but the girls still and pink hair. well they pretty much got most of the game in production and wanted our opinion on the game and what they could change and all that, so if u guys have any other questions i’ll be happy to answer.

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