Nintendo Wii: Wii Health Announced!


Matt Casamassina Editor-in-chief at IGN, has brazenly revealed an integral forthcoming Nintendo release titled Wii Health.

Though sensibly keeping tight-lipped regarding any direct game play details at present, Matt signifies that this title, alongside the enigmatic Wii Music, will play an integral role in winning over non-gamers in the ever-ferocious consoles wars.



  1. …And because they both look/sound like immense fun? :)

    I’m really intrigued, and at the same time excited about the new direction Nintendo is taking video gaming at this precise moment in time.

    Long may Nintendo keep paving the way for fresh new video gaming content.

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  3. This must be the next guitar hero with a hint of eye toy. I suspect hundreds of non-gaming customers awaiting Nintendo’s Wii Health and Wii Music

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