Nintendo Wii: Wii Takes Top Spot On Ebay, Beating Britneys Hair!


Nintendo’s sought after Wii console is promptly overtaking the worlds current ‘kooky‘ obsession which appears to be ‘invaluable’ snippets of Britney Spears hair.

Ebay’s consumer interest chart interestingly reveals that whilst demand is surprisingly high for Miss Spears locks, demand for the Wii is far greater, with the innovative console taking both pole position and fifth place on Ebays overall search rankings.



  1. Sweet Jesus that’s amazing Sickr! We’re really popular now. Now if I can just round up the money for that lock of hair… =p

  2. seems like its not a novelty as people claimed it to be!

    I’d imagine Sony are eating a rather delicious slice of humble pie ;)

    And hey Julian I’m working on it :P

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