Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Sells 5 Million Wii Units In Just 5 Months


Nintendo has extremely effectively shifted an unprecedented five million Wii units in little over a five month period.

Demand it appears couldn’t be any greater for the Nintendo Wii as rabid consumers literally snap the hardware up before it even appears on store shelves, ultimately leading to record breaking sales.

Not to be perturbed by these highly impressive sales figures, Nintendo has seen fit to announced that it’s expecting sales of over 6 million units before the end of March 2007.


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  1. this is great news we’re already halfway through what X360 sold in a year!! thats great news, i expect PS3 to sell a little bit more due to what they showed at GDC, but i think nintendo has some tricks up their sleeve but since they’re not allowed to announce it yet… i’m sure nintend has some great stuff coming but they will leave it to the right time…

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