Nintendo Wii: Win Free Copy Of TMNT For Uploading Any Video


WiiTube, the prolific video sharing site built primarily for use with the Nintendo Wii is currently conducting a rather enticing online marketing campaign.

The intriguing marketing campaign simply entitles user’s that upload video content to their site a free copy of the forthcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game which is slated for multiformat release this month.



  1. mmm the game looks ok… hope its better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance… but oh well movie ported to game can’t be expected to be massive or can it? OH! BTW, got some awesome info on the upcoming game for the Wii which is now calleed Project “0” anyways, this is being made by the people who created/help create games such as Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Wich Room and Chulip. there’s not that much info on it and its been confirmed by those people on the magazine Famitsu. on a quote they say they will push the Wii to its limits… its a big mix of Sim Poeple and Sim earth with features from Harvest Moon and so on.. interesting ey? what do u guys think? the source is here: take care!

  2. Sounds interesting, especially since it’s being developed by a production team of that calibre. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this titles progress. Cheers Andrezao :)

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