Nintendo Wii: Sony Receives A Financial Beating Due To Nintendo Wii


Sony revealed today that its suffering its biggest loss in four years primarily because of the unexpected success of the Nintendo Wii.

According to financial publication Bloomberg Sony have declared a $630 million dip in profits, leaving many wondering if Sony still has what it takes to de-throne the Wii.



  1. let me think… err… No it doesn’t have what it takes. with all the cool Wii games coming!! Hey Sickr! are u getting Mario Strikers?? i know some people who are it’ll be mad to play with them! if u do get around one, we should organise a match ey?

  2. What a coincidence, I was just about to ask you the same question! I can tell you now I’ve got my copy pre-ordered and I’ll certainly be playing a match against you very soon :) Can’t wait! Anyone else who wishes to challenge me once the games released is free to do so :D

  3. hell YEAh!! its coming to my hands on the 7th of june!!! damn right it will be AWESOME!!! i hope u get it on the 7th too!! great stuff man!! anyone else up for a match?? Add me!!! this is my Wii number: 8244134709022598come on people!! its ass kicking time!! hey how about if Capcom made a remake of Mega Man Soccer which was release on the SNES?? with online and everything? Oh God!! that Would be Awesome!!

  4. *LOL!!!* I love how Nintendo are giving Sony such extreme beat downs on the console front. I loves it plenty! As for Mario strikers, I may be brave and buy it. I promised myself I owuld buy titles for my Wii that I wouldn’t do normally. So I may pick it up.

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