Nintendo Wii: Wii Blaster Lightgun In Stores June 27th


Those of you eagerly awaiting a light-gun for the Nintendo Wii will be ecstatic to know that the Blaster light-gun is set to arrive in all good gaming stores June 27th.

This snippet of information was provided by none other than popular American gaming store Gamestop who plastered the possible ‘must-have accessory’ all over their recent print advertisement.



  1. YES!!!!!!!! (although the wii blaster looked better) but awesome news!! Resi Evil awaits!! oh man this is cool!!! now all they need to do is throw some On rails shooters from the arcades!! oh god! *falls back in excitement* i seriously can’t wait the limit is the sky really!!!

  2. I’m thinking it’s more than likely, though nothings been confirmed.

    Let’s hope something alongside House of the dead is confirmed :)

  3. hey how about using the remote’s capabilities and making a Pump Action Shotgun frame so to recharge u just pump it! THAT would be good, specially for hunting games!!!

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