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Nintendo Wii: Smash Brothers Fans Gear Up For Midnight Launch


After wishing away the hours and counting down the days Smash Brothers Brawl finally launches this evening.

Gamespot alongside numerous other high profile American gaming retailers are bracing themselves for an onslaught of Smash Brothers fans descending upon their premises at midnight to snap up the ridiculously well received title.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Smash Brothers Fans Gear Up For Midnight Launch”

  1. It’s going to be rough gearing up for the midnight launch here… there’s a huge snowstorm and it hasn’t stopped for about 5 hours!!!!! I’m getting the game Sunday morning! Can’t wait!

  2. Damn, that’s sure to put a lot of people off queueing last night unless of course coffee/warm drinks are provided! You’re welcome to give us your first impressions of the game :D

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