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Nintendo DS: Nintendo DSi Breaking Backwards Compatibility?


With the imminent release of the Nintendo DSi many gamers assumed that the vast majority of new games would work on both the DSi and the DS, well this might not be the case.

Developers have been informed that they can produce games on the DSi cards – which as the name suggests only works with the Nintendo DSi, or alternatively, they can produce games on DSi Enhanced cards which will work perfectly fine on both machines. Hopefully the majority of game developers will choose to work on the latter allowing everyone access to the forthcoming top tier titles available on the hand-held.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo DS: Nintendo DSi Breaking Backwards Compatibility?”

  1. Seems like Nintendo may have slightly up the specs on the new DSi to acomindate new ideas on how to better use the device’s added features. An example: if a company made a DSi game that used the camera then that game may not work in an older DS. I suspect developers will wait a while untill the new device has a higher saturation point before making games specificly for it.

    1. Most definitely. It would be a stunningly brash move for third party developers to primarily concentrate their resources on the new unit considering the humongous DS user base.

    2. If it was a DSi Enhanced game, it would. But only the DSi could use the camera features. ;) Hopefully not many (if any) games will be DSi-exclusive. I plan on getting a DSi, but to limit your user base is just a bad business decision.

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  3. Are you aware of any games made for the DS that will not be playable on the new DSi? Excluding of course game boy cards which we know are not playable on the DS1.

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