Nintendo Wii: No Wii HD In The Works At Nintendo


Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, has sadly revealed that there won’t be a HD version of the Wii in the future.

Speaking to online publication, Venture Beat, Iwata states that there isn’t a high definition version of the Wii in R&D at Nintendo. Whilst the Wii won’t ever support 720p/1080i/1080p visuals, the next successor to the enormously successful Wii console most certainly will.

If we have an opportunity to make a new console, it will probably support HD because it is now common throughout the world. However, as far as the Wii is concerned, we have not found a significant reason to make it HD-compatible at this time. What is the significant meaning to users? I don’t think we should do it unless we find that reason. If we decide for other reasons to make new hardware, then HD is one of the things we would naturally add.

– Satoru Iwata


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