Nintendo DSi: Nintendo To Release New Handheld In June?


Is Nintendo planning to release a new hand-held next year? Soichiro Fukuda certainly thinks so.

Citigroup analyst Soichiro Fukuda believes Nintendo will release a newly revamped DSi console to boost company profits next June. Whilst it initially sounds like a long-shot, stranger things have been done.



  1. They better not, i just got a DSi. What a waste of money. Anyway i highly doubt this will happen, they are just about to start making DSi exclusive games.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. The DSi is a garbage cash in for Nintendo that I’ll take no part in. I don’t believe they would consider slapping together another fiasco together and putting a price tag on it so soon.

  3. I will not buy any Nintendo hand-held that does not have the GB slot for accessories like the Guitar Hero hand grip.

  4. You are taking his words out of context you moron. He said new “DSi Model” There is no mention of a “revamped” DSi. He is talking about a new color model to boost sales for the DSi.

    The DSi is currently the highest selling hand held, and anyone would find this post completely obscured. Nintendo isnt going to revamp a system this early in its lifespan.

  5. They might release a DSi+
    A DSi with a gba slot?

    Unlikely though. Alternative colours is most likely

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