Nintendo DSi: Nintendo Retaliates To Apple’s Comments


After Apple declared the iPhone and iPod Touch as “superior” gaming platforms to the Nintendo’s DSi and Sony’s PSP, Nintendo have unsurprisingly seen fit to fire back.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America CEO, has responded to Apples criticisms claiming  “The DS, with its dual screens, offers an experience that cannot be replicated on a smartphone.”



  1. I own an iPhone and I have owned both the original DS and the DS Lite, and I will have to say that the iPhone yes did change the way the world sees phones, but Nintendo changed the way the world looks at gaming and the ingenuity of what video gaming is.

  2. I have both an iPhone and a DS lite I’m looking to replace. But the iPhone has not replaced the DS style gaming for me. The devices are just different IMHO.

    1. The gba carts had accelometers back in the day see Yoshi Topsy Turvy (aka universal gravitation) before iPhone came out and decided it wasn’t needed due to feedback on that game. Both are great and unreplacible in what they do but reach different users. I bought DS and DSLite on launch days and typed this on an iPhone so I’m being impartial

    2. For a Wise Chippy, you don’t seem very wise with punctuation and grammar. Here’s how it should’ve looked: An iPhone is still better. Does the DS have an accelerometer? NO! So what if it has two screens? Look at all the great things an iPod or iPhone has on the app store?!?!

      Don’t say I’m a hater. I think iPods are awesome, and I love Nintendo. I’m just correcting you! ^_^

      1. Fuck you and your so called ‘Corrections.’ The internet was made for abbreviations. Ok then, there’s nothing wrong with proper grammar, but there is a time and a place for it. Not on a bloody games website talking about iPods and DS’es.

  3. I have both the 3GS and a DSi. I have to say while both are fun, iPhone games just don’t compare to the experience I get from my DSi. Also, accelerometer actions in games are a joke. Quit fanboying around and provide legitimate testimonials.

  4. Apple isn’t nessicarily saying that towords anyone, but using it simpily as a reeler. Personally, I find both equal in useful-ness, but DSi better for gaming in particular. Again, it’s not personally attacking game companies.

  5. PSP GO for the win. Does it all music, movies, games! Better games to offer and more of my taste.

    Games like Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid, GT, Jak & Daxter, the sports games the list goes on.
    So beat that Nintendo and Apple!

    1. PSP 2000/3000 is better than go at a cheaper price though I have DSLite PSP 2000 and iPhone 3G and I play most games on the DS though but that’s my preference.

      Currently playing FF Disadia on PSP though.

  6. The iPhone and iPod Touch are better than the DSi, but the original DS is better than all three of them because of it’s line of accessories that the inferior DSi lost out on.

  7. first the iphone is NOT a gaming deviece the games on it are a joke however it does have the best browser and the ds has games and the psp has movies

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