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Nintendo Wii: Black Wii Remote And Nunchuck Dated And Priced


Nintendo have announced that its eagerly awaited black versions of the Wii remote and nunchuk will be available at US retail outlets, November 16th.

The black Wii remote (which comes pre-bundled with Wii Motionplus) will be priced at $50, whilst the the black Wii nunchuck accessory will sell separately for $20. Sadly there’s still no word from Nintendo as to when the West will receive the highly anticipated black Wii console.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Black Wii Remote And Nunchuck Dated And Priced”

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  2. That’s so beautiful. I’ll definatly get them. Now we won’t be able to see the dirt build up and greese that shows on the white ones.

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