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Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Gets 40/40 From Famitsu

Japanese gaming bible, Famitsu, has awarded Mario’s latest 2D adventure full marks by giving the critically acclaimed game a perfect 40/40 review score. New Super Mario Bros Wii is the fourth game this year to be awarded top marks by the revered Japanese gaming publication.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Gets 40/40 From Famitsu”

  1. I bought this game the first day it came out. I agree this game does derserve a critically acclaim score becuase the game is VERY fun to play with other or alone and has high reply value. This is the best game to check out for the holidays

  2. Holy…
    I mean, wow. Famitsu is normally really stingy with most of their scores. I know this gmae is good, but it’s far from perfect.

  3. This game really only shines in 2-player. Single player has been made incredibly boring to the point of unplayability and 3 and 4 players is waaaaaaaaay too crowded.

    1. Are you serious? I find single player to be the most satisfying gaming experience for Wii. 4 players is really fun and not crowded at all… unless you’re playing with idiots who just jump on you.

  4. This is great, but I don’t know how anyone could give it a perfect score while it outright shuns online play. That is the missing ingredient to this almost-perfect recipe.

    1. exactly this game is great but it ain’t 10/10

      I say this is 9.2/10 with the .8 deduction coming from a lack of online play.

      Maybe that is what Nintendo should do next, online play on some of the adventure games. I know a lot of people would have liked to play Brawl’s SSE online. Therefore, Nintendo should make it available online play for some of the multiplayer action games.

  5. This game is awesome & how can you say it’s bad everything look’s better & shaking the remote is pretty good to but it somtimes it will make your arm’s hurt.I also say that takes out more of Super Mario World in the game.I will give this game a 40/40 & a red case for a 2009 Mario game for Wii nice.Nintendo’s also putting Luigi’s Mansion 2 in a green case.Let’s hope they make it very awesome.

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