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Nintendo Wii: Scale Is A Major Factor In The Next Zelda For Wii

Zelda series director, Eiji Aonuma, recently sat down with Edge Magazine to discuss the critically acclaimed Twilight Princess and the next instalment of the Zelda franchise.

Eiji Aomuma readily admitted to Edge that scale is an element that wasn’t emphasised enough on in Twilight Princess, however they are looking to expand on this aspect in Zelda Wii with bigger and more diversified game worlds.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Scale Is A Major Factor In The Next Zelda For Wii”

  1. Think scale as a comparative to our real world. They will try to make Hyrule as a big as a real land and not areas limited to graphics ends.

    I guess this is it.

  2. Evermore, just to clarify – are you saying that rather than entering the Hyrule Castle Town as a separate world, the Castle Town would simply be a part of the main game world? If so….wow.

  3. If they could make Hyrule more endless that would be awesome. Did they take out features in the game and layout in Twilight Princess? Because the early photos looked more open. But maybe it’s just the way the angles were during the gameplay.

  4. I don’t think making Hyrule bigger is going to solve anything. I want a game that I can complete in a certain amount of time. If it’s longer, I get bored with it very easily.

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