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Nintendop Wii: Next Zelda Game Will Be Perfect Says Reggie Fils-Aime

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has clearly stated that the Zelda team are striving for perfection with the forthcoming Zelda for the Nintendo Wii.

“Right now, it’s still in development, but the key message that Mr Miyamoto and Mr Aonuma are telling us is that it really has to be perfect when it launches — that really is what the Zelda fan is expecting.”

“So for all the Zelda fans out there right now, what I would say is, enjoy Spirit Tracks, and know that the Zelda title for Wii is going to come out when it’s perfect.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime


10 thoughts on “Nintendop Wii: Next Zelda Game Will Be Perfect Says Reggie Fils-Aime”

  1. They should add some type of online gameplay to the next Zelda. At least leaderboards! After waiting 5 years that shouldn’t be to much to ask for. Even some offline multilayer mini games or what not would be a ight. Just some suggestions c :

  2. so help us god, nintendo if you fuck this game up YOU GONNA HAVE SOME ‘SPLAININ’ TO DO.

    in the meantime lemme go get that final boss on ST.

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