New Name: My Nintendo News –

Sickr originally started as a project at university, and has grown far beyond my initial expectations, thanks to you. After some careful deliberation I’ve finally decided the time is right to change the name.

The new name for the site is You’ll be able to access the site using the previous web address, or the new address.

Your Sickr bookmarks and RSS feeds etc will remain completely unaffected, and when you type in the address you will be taken to exactly the same WordPress hosted site. The same content, the same design, nothing at all will be changed.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the change then feel free to leave a comment : )

Many thanks as always,

– Sickr


    1. Thanks, it was a good name. But it was rather ambiguous to anyone who hadn’t visited the site before. Hence the name change : )

  1. I’m impressed that someone has taken this name before me. Heh, oh well. I’m still changing my site’s name, so it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

    1. I’m also surprised, but glad my new domain name wasn’t registered before : ) What’s your new site/forum going to be called? If it picks up speed your welcome to be linked back to.

      BTW if you could change the name you’re posting with on here that would be great, just because it could get confusing for some people : )

      – Sickr


      1. Well, I was lucky when I found that this name wasn’t taken before. However, I didn’t get really any donations so I couldn’t afford this domain. I’ll still use this name for now but I’m still deciding.

        But this is ironic.

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