Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Keen To Make New Kid Icarus Game

Yoshio Sakamoto, one of the creators behind the popular Nintendo platformer Kid Icarus, has told online gaming publication Kotaku that he would happily make Kid Icarus for Wii providing it makes use of the Wii’s strengths.

“I don’t know personally about any project underway regarding Kid Icarus, but if so many of those people are interested in it and really want to see it on the Wii they should really speak up.”

“If we can find some sort of way to bring it to the Wii, a way to make the game for the Wii that makes sense, we would happily do so. But just keep in mind it may not be me making the game.”

– Yoshio Sakamoto, Kid Icarus creator



10 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Keen To Make New Kid Icarus Game

  1. Speak up? SPEAK UP?
    There are /always/ questions about a new Kid Icarus, and there have been for a few years now. We’ve spoken up, you just need to damn well listen.


  2. CONSIDER THIS ME SPEAKING UP! I LOVE KID ICARAS! MAKE A AWESOME GAME! ooh, what if it kinda had the same controls as twilight princess, or the same camera angle…maybe to similar. Idk, but if they do, they need to use the same character as the brawl version, otherwise I think it would be weird…

    btw, that picture is more like MAN Icarus.


  3. I thin it’d be an awesome game. I only know about the game kid Icarus from smash bros. brawl, but Pit is one of my favorite characters on there so they should definitely make one!


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