Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Registers ‘Power Wii’ Trademark

Internet sleuths have detected that Nintendo have just issued a patent for something called the ‘Power Wii’.

Whilst this registered trademark could mean a plethora of different things including a new software title or a new marketing campaign, it is also entirely plausible that it could be a trademark for a new and improved Wii console.



  1. I doubt it. They’ve been saying over and over again that they aren’t interested in making a new console yet.

  2. Interesting. I actually highly doubt that Nintendo will release an HD Wii. I don’t really see the point in doing so. None of the games, so far, are in HD, so I don’t see why they would just start making HD games for a Wii with HD gaming capabilities. I’m sure they could be upscaled, but still, I don’t see Nintendo re-releasing a system with only ONE upgrade.

    That said, I suppose it could be an HD Wii, but with more than just HD games. It’s already been confirmed that Netflix is coming to Wii, but with an HD console, well, you see where I’m going with this. Also, they could include a Blu-Ray drive, instead of just a DVD drive, seeing as how the games would be HD, and allow you watch movies.

  3. A new wii may sound cool, as long as we get a new wii. I love the wii so this would be awesome

  4. That’s not it’s full name. It’s the ‘Power Wii Remote’ and it’s pretty much like the Power Glove but up to date. Haha, only joking. Though it would be funny.

  5. If they called their next console the Power Wii, then they would match the perverted-ness of Sony’s “MoCon”! I hope they call their next console Super- something. that would be cool.

  6. Well, I´d believe it´s rather the name for a new fitness game or the likes, but interesting to hear nonetheless.

    btw. i really like your news-blog, reading news i dont find elsewhere (gonintendo is TOO active for its own good, haha).

    keep up the good work

    1. Thanks, I always try and select the most interesting piece of news for the day as I realise it’s a complete chore trying to catch up with video gaming news if you’re busy : )

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