Nintendo Wii: Sony Attempts To Troll Nintendo And Microsoft With PlayStation Move Advert

Sony have just released a comedic marketing video for its forthcoming PlayStation Move motion controller.

The Sony video attempts to mock the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s forthcoming controller-free Project Natal. Whilst the PlayStation Move product has drawn heavy scepticism from gamers, the video is still an entertaining watch.



  1. RUDE…but funny! XD

    What was the big red ball thing though?

    Also, this is an advertisement, who says it will actually be that precise?

  2. A pretty cocky commercial coming from a company that has consistantly been in third place throughout this generation, and never comes up with any of their own innovative ideas…

    1. Agreed, Sony have brought nothing to the table this gen (I don’t count blu-Ray as it was a doomed format fromthe start)
      they’ve copied wii controls and xbox achievements and it’s why they’re dead last and will stay there

  3. With the addition of Wii’s motionplus, you are able to get 3d environment moving. That’s at half the cost of the Playstation Move.

    Also, the person boxing in the video held two controllers. However the $100 package only contains one.

    Sony is trying too much to be like other consoles. The games that will be bundled up are the same that Nintendo had in its Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

  4. Sony, Sony, Sony… Have forgotten “All I want for Xmas is a psp?” I havent. Sony forgets it’s rightful place… Right underneath Nintendo’s boot and picking up the Xbox’s scraps.

  5. the only thing this commercial makes me want to do is
    1. Punch that guy in the face… hard
    2. Buy four more wii motion pluses and throw a Wii Sports Resort party
    3. Buy and Xbox 360 and Natal and never play but have it as a decoration

    That’s what I call effective advertising! :-P

  6. Is Sony airing this on TV already?

    Most gamers don’t follow industry trade shows like E3, so possibly know very little or nothing about Microsoft’s Natal, let alone get the reference to the “red ball” tech E3 demo from nearly a year ago.

    There’s no point in Sony mocking a competing product which the mass market isn’t even widely aware of yet, it will just confuse them and ironically lead them to want to find out more about the competition.

  7. “Most gamers don’t follow industry trade shows like E3”

    I would, but I don’t get G4, so I can’t watch it. All I’ve ever been able to do is find whatever info is posted online.

      1. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention that I’ve had dialup for the past 9 years. I recently switched to DSL, so hopefully I’ll get to watch it for once!

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