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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo DS Developer Believes 3DS ‘Will Be The Best Handheld Ever’

Jools Watsham, the developer behind Dementium 2, has told gaming publication Pocketgamer that he believes the Nintendo 3DS will be the best handheld games console ever.

“Based on what I’ve heard about the 3DS specs, I think it will be the best handheld system to date. To be honest, I think the 3D aspect of the console is just the icing on what is already an extremely powerful system.

“I expect the 3DS to have the graphical power of a GameCube, plus all of the other delights such as two screens, rumble, motion control, Wi-Fi, and an analogue stick. The 3D feature is wonderful, for sure, but it will only be appropriate for certain things. [Nintendo] produces the best handheld systems, [the system will] deliver a platform worthy of a successor to the Nintendo DSi. [I am] very interested in developing for the 3DS.”

– Jools Watsham, Dementium 2


10 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo DS Developer Believes 3DS ‘Will Be The Best Handheld Ever’”

  1. …and it will have solar panels on the back, a frying pan with unlimited bacon supply and a finger print detection device, that will shoot out sharp needles if someone else (or a Sony User) tries to use it.
    At least, that’s what I expect ;)

    we need some facts…! It’s like Apple iPad rumours all over again

  2. I believe everything on here, and is it true that the graphics will be Gamecube worthy? If that’s true, then this will indeed be the best out there.

  3. I like the 3ds but, I hate how adults and other people are always saying “Graphic this Graphics that” It’s a DAMN GAME FOR KIDS ALMOST EVER GAME IS FOR KIDS STOP RUINING IT FOR US BY SCREAMING AT NINTENDO AND MICROSOFT GRAPHICS!

  4. I think it is going to be like a portable wii, except 3D and 2 screens. It’s got mii’s and stuff. It’s going to be the best, but i don’t know i never played dsi or dsixl, i only had original and lite.

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