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Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Announced Early Because Of Fears Of Leaks

M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pigeon recently informed CNBC that Nintendo’s surprisingly early announcement of the Nintendo 3DS was primarily because the company feared that journalists were about to leak too much information regarding the device.

“Apparently, the Japanese press was all over it and talked with suppliers there and Nintendo just wanted to get out ahead by breaking the news to prevent a leak.”

– Billy Pigeon, M2 Research



  1. It has more power coming right from Nintendo, instead of being leaked for 3 months. Sony wouldn’t have looked like a deer in headlights if there were leaks before an official announcement.

    1. I agree. Sony will undoubtedly announce a similar handheld with 3D capability’s at E3. Officially announcing the product early will inform the public that Nintendo were first on the scene, and subsequently any other product that is announced that has similar capability’s won’t be looked upon so dearly.

  2. Yeah, this makes perfect sense. Even though it does hurt XL sales, it’s much better hearing it straight from Nintendo than from journalists. Now, I like the occasional rumor, but I don’t really want confirmation from them. I’d rather hear the news from Nintendo.

  3. Glad Nintendo announced it than some journalist. If a Journalist did, that’s how they become rumors and people start to speculate

  4. Nice way to nip it in the bud, Nintendo. It’s safe to say Sony probably just bricked themselves knowing that the rumors are true…especially from the horse’s mouth!


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